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Chevrolet Traverse 2021.

Chevrolet Traverse 2021.

Chevrolet Traverse 2021. Chevrolet Traverse 2021 — a crossover with all-wheel drive and a V6 engine will appear in Russia. In addition to updating almost the entire model line of SUVs, Chevrolet took up the correction of sins in the Traverse crossover, unfamiliar to Russian people. Although it is not very popular not only with […]

Chevrolet Equinox 2021

Chevrolet Equinox 2021

Chevrolet Equinox 2021 Chevrolet Equinox 2021 — a new crossover body and RS version Three years ago, GM introduced the next crossover, exhibited under the Chevrolet banner. Probably even the brand’s marketers did not expect the American public to like Equinox, and sales in 2020 already run the risk of exceeding a million copies.

Chevrolet Tahoe 2021.

Chevrolet Tahoe 2021...

Chevrolet Tahoe 2021. In the «city of motors», Detroit, officially unveiled a new version of the classic American SUV — the Chevrolet Tahoe 2021. Updating the series is considered one of the most impressive in recent years, as the new Chevrolet Tahoe 2021 underwent a radical reform.

Chevrolet Cruze 2016

Chevrolet Cruze 2016.

Chevrolet Cruze 2016. New car models, photos of new cars. Not so long ago, the premiere of a new roomy sedan from Chevrolet. The Company provided the audience Cruze 2016 model year. A popular version of the well-known «American bestseller» has now become more modern and advanced.

Chevrolet Niva 2016

Chevrolet Niva 2016.

Chevrolet Niva 2016. How to choose a good car. Car of the Year 2016. Chevrolet Niva — Russian compact SUV, which hit the market in 2002. Over the years, the car has secured the glory of a vehicle that is not afraid of bad roads. However, in 2016 the base model is waiting for an update […]

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