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Ferrari F8 Tributo.

Ferrari F8 Tributo.

Ferrari F8 Tributo. Ferrari F8 Tributo or restyling of the old Ferrari 488 GTB. The legendary car brand from the sultry Italy Ferrari is going to introduce its fans with another new product. The new sports car was named Ferrari F8 Tributo. The debut of the revolutionary new supercar took place at.

Ferrari Roma 2020.

Ferrari Roma 2020..

Ferrari Roma 2020. Ferrari Roma 2020 — a new powerful coupe with a chassis from the Portofino convertible. We can say with confidence that Ferrari has stepped on a new page in its history with the Roma 2020 presented in the Italian capital. The car is extremely remarkable and unlike everything that Italians did before.

Crossover Ferrari SUV.

Crossover Ferrari SUV

Crossover Ferrari SUV. Currently, the automotive segment of luxury crossovers is gaining momentum. Already many motorists appreciated the elitism of the Bentley Bentayga (they would not have appreciated it for a price of 208,000 Euros), and some have already pre-ordered and in anticipation of the debut SUV from Lamborghini — Urus. In the foreseeable future, […]

Ferrari 488 Spider.

Ferrari 488 Spider.

Ferrari 488 Spider — chic Italian roadster. Frankfurt Motor Show was attended by the new supercar Ferrari 488 Spider. Roadster got a retractable rigid roof Hard Top, which is compared to a conventional soft-top has a lower weight. In this case, the gain amounted to as much as 25 kilograms, and a sports car, as […]

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