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Kia K900 2019.

Kia K900 2019. If you are looking for a full-size sedan, then the 2019 Kia K900 will be the right decision for you. This flagship sedan comes as a second generation with changes that will improve it. First of all, the announcement of the automaker Kia goes in the direction to make the body longer, […]

New KIA Sorento 2019.

New KIA Sorento 2019. That Sorento happened to serve as the final chord in the lingering aria update the model range of this Korean manufacturer. New KIA Sorento 2019. And to demonstrate what has changed in this popular crossover for the North American and European markets. The mid-size SUV hailing from Seoul presented a small […]

Kia Sorento in 2016.

Kia Sorento in 2016. Which is better to buy a car, what car best. Korean company Kia has recently presented an updated model of Kia Sorento 2016. The result of the restyling was an ideal midway between the compact and maneuverable Sportagei dimensional Mohave. Generation 2016 is the third in a row. Updated Sorento has […]

Kia Optima 2016.

Kia Optima 2016. The result of the restyling. How to choose a good car. New model cars. The first quarter of 2015 was a landmark for all fans of the Korean auto industry. This is a general display of an updated version of the Kia Optima. But this does not mean that the model will […]

Kia Sportage 2016.

Kia Sportage 2016. Kia Sportage 2016. According to official statements by the manufacturer, at the end of this year we will see a novelty — an updated crossover Kia Sportage 2016 model year. In the Internet there were espionage pictures of models — they can be used to learn a lot about cars. So you […]

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