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Lada Largus 2021.

Lada Largus 2021

Lada Largus 2021. Lada Largus 2021 (FL) in a new body. The fact that the new body of the Lada Largus 2021 model year will receive a new design in the style of X-Face was confirmed by spy shots. Then, a version of a minivan with a camouflaged front end was tested at DOPs, hinting […]

Lada Niva 2021.

Lada Niva 2021.

Lada Niva 2021. Lada Niva 2021: a new version of a budget domestic SUV. Despite the problematic economy and low consumer level of the population, AvtoVAZ continues to modernize the most successful models of the brand range. In particular, the popular Lada Niva 2021 (in the recent past, under the Chevrolet brand) will receive restyling, […]

Lada Raven 2020.

Lada Raven 2020

Lada Raven 2020. Lada Raven 2020: will there be a domestic supercar? Rumors that the AvtoVAZ company is going to release its own supercar have been circulating for a long time. At one time in Russia there was already a brand that produced similar machines — Marussia, but due to low sales, it did not […]

Lada Vesta FL 2020.

Lada Vesta FL 2020

Lada Vesta FL 2020. New Lada Vesta FL 2020 with a Tesla-like interior. AvtoVAZ does not cease to please numerous fans with its new products. Back in February of this year, thanks to the efforts of the ubiquitous reporters, photos appeared on the network of an updated version of Lada Vesta 2020 model year. Letters […]

New Niva 2020.

New Niva 2020.

New Niva 2020. New Niva 2020 (Lada 4 × 4 Vision). At the Moscow Motor Show, the long-awaited premiere of the new Niva 2020 model year took place: AvtoVAZ presented the audience a concept version of the new generation Lada 4 × 4 Vision. This is the Niva, which has radically changed and received a […]

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