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Land Rover Defender 2020.

Land Rover Defender 2020

Land Rover Defender 2020. Land Rover Defender 2020 — a new version of the legendary British SUV The British name Defender is far from new. The concern already produced cars under this name, but later the Defender conveyor stopped. Now, after 3 years, Land Rover decided to give this name a completely new model.

Land Rover Defender 2018

Land Rover

New Land Rover Defender 2018 best cars The British brand called Land Rover will please its fans with the new model Defender 2018. The manufacturer states that the model will become the most advanced in the history of British SUVs.

Land Rover Discovery 2016


Land Rover Discovery 2016 New Discovery promises to be one of the most unusual creations Land Rover. Throughout 2014 the company did not disclose any details about the new SUV, limited random scraps of information and lavish promises. Now the veil of secrecy ajar, but to fully appreciate the new model will be available only […]

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