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Seat Ibiza 2022.

Seat Ibiza 2022.

Seat Ibiza 2022. SEAT has unveiled an updated 2022 Seat Ibiza hatchback. The official presentation of the compact hatchback SEAT Ibiza took place — the car was shown online. Among other things, the new version of the Spanish subcompact hatchback SEAT Ibiza will be available with no less than six engines ranging from 80 to […]

Seat Leon 2020.

Seat Leon 2020.

Seat Leon 2020. Seat Leon 2020 — new look and advanced electronics. The Seat Leon model has been the main driver of sales for the Spanish brand for several years, so the company is trying to maintain interest in its key car with regular updates. And since more than three years have passed since the […]

Seat Ateca 2021.

Seat Ateca 2021

Seat Ateca 2021. Seat Ateca 2021 after restyling — a new design of the body, interior and updated ICE. It’s no secret that a good half of European brands are part of VW. In particular, this can be safely stated when it comes to the Spanish Seat and Czech Skoda. Unfortunately, intra-corporate borrowing has recently […]

New Seat Ateca 2016.

New Seat Ateca 2016 — the first crossover Seat. Seat Ateca, the new crossover model year 2016-2017 Seat, ready for serial production and the official premiere at the Geneva Motor Show in early March 2016. Advance the presentation of a new compact crossover Seat Atek was held February 10, 2016 in Barcelona, Spain.

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