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Control of air pressure in the tires

Control of air pressure in the tires.

Maintenance and repair of the car.

The air pressure in the tires of the wheels installed by the vehicle manufacturer according to different parameters. These include loading the vehicle and the maximum permissible speed.

The pressure values as a function of the dimensions of wheels and tires are shown in Table. Table of information about tires are usually located in the opening the driver’s door.

It is important to maintain the correct tire pressure. When using winter tires should also support the recommended pressure for them.

Compliance with the prescribed tire pressure is important for traffic safety, as well as the service life of tires. For this reason, it is recommended checking the tire pressure at least once every two weeks and before any long journey (including the spare wheel).
To check the pressure unscrew the tire valve cap, and use a pressure gauge. Check pressure only when the tires are cold. The increased tire pressure resulting from a long trip, you can not reset. Tire pressure during prolonged movement increases by about 0.2 — 0.4 bar.

Winter tires are usually operated with overpressure, t. E. About 0.2 bar higher than in the summer. You must observe the values which the manufacturer recommends winter tires. If winter tires are limited to speeding traffic, the corresponding allowable maximum speed shall be indicated on the label, which should be in the driver’s field of vision. To check the tire valve grease with soap and water valve opening. If the bubble is formed, pull the other end slide the protective cap.
Check the valve again. If you continue the formation of bubbles, and the valve is no longer delayed, replace it. Works of charge workshop.
The electrical pressure monitoring sensors mounted on the disk


Electrical sensors, tire pressure monitoring

A feature of these sensors is to install on the disk. In this case, razbortovyvaetsya tire sensor is mounted on the rim of the disc near the hole under the nipple. Then the tire is put in place, tire balance now with the weight of the sensor. Weight is quite significant about 30 grams, no balancing is necessary. Sensors such performance nominally used world producers WV, Audi, Toyota, Lexus, etc.
The disadvantage of such sensors is the complexity of the pressure control assembly. The advantage of the sensors is higher security against theft, as well as the higher system for leaks. Readings are taken from sensors located inside, while the tightness is ensured, firstly, the pin, and secondly, the cap. Reusability

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