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2020 Lexus RX.

2020 Lexus RX

2020 Lexus RX.

2020 Lexus RX. The Japanese company Toyota presented an updated version of the flagship (premium) crossover Lexus RX 2020 model year. The popularity of the model, produced since 1998, is formed by such features as safety, reliability, style and confidence. Crossover restyling was aimed at improving safety and a high degree of responsiveness to driver actions. The direct competitors of the model are crossovers such as the BMW X3, Mercedes-Benz GLE and VW Touareg. The entry into the Russian market of an updated crossover is scheduled for early 2020.

Crossover Background

Cars called Lexus are produced by the popular Japanese company Toyota. In 1998, a novelty was presented, which in the Japanese market is known as Toyota Harrier. Translated from English, the word «Harrier» means «Lun» — a bird of prey of the falcon family. The Lexus PX radiator grill for the Japanese market depicts this particular bird in the form of a gilded emblem.

Crossover Lexus RX has gained worldwide popularity, but it is especially common in the United States. The second generation of the car was introduced in 2003, transforming not only in appearance, but also becoming much more modern and larger in size. Since 2004, the design of the next generation of the crossover, which was introduced in 2007, began.

The third generation in 2012 was restyled. In 2015, the company presented the fourth generation of the crossover 2016 lineup. It was this model in 2019 that was presented in an updated form.

The 2016 model of the Lexus RX is available in the Lexus RX 350, Lexus RX 350 F Sport, Lexus RX 450h (hybrid version), RX 450h F Sport and RX L (extended version, released in 2018). Although the car has high levels of handling, but insufficient to satisfy modern drivers. That is why the novelty has acquired new rigid stabilizers with increased stability.

To improve handling, it was necessary to increase the rigidity of the body, which contributed to the reduction of vibration, and the achievement of smoothness. What crossover update occurred during its modernization, we will analyze in more detail.

2020 Lexus RX

How much has changed the appearance of the crossover

Changes in the appearance of the crossover Lexus PX 2020
occurred, but they are insignificant, as can be seen from the photo of the new model. One of the main differences that are striking when examining the front part is the fog lights that have changed their shape and moved to the lower part of the bumper. By moving the foglights down, the side air ducts (diffusers) of the front bumper have increased in size, which has increased the intake of air flow directed directly to the brake system of the wheels. The model is presented in two versions — the regular and extended versions of the RX and RX L.

Almost imperceptible difference lies in the design of the main front lights. On the restyled version, they became a little thinner, due to which there was an increase in their shape.

Not without modern technologies of matrix lighting with rotating mirrors, contributing to the direction of light exactly on the roadway and curb. BladeScan Type AHS LEDs are used as light sources. Changes touched the grille. In general, its shape has been preserved, but the filling has changed, presented in the form of small parallelogram figures on an elongated version, and cellular on a regular configuration.

The difference between the conventional and elongated body shape is manifested in front in the shape of the side diffusers.

The thickness of the bumper has decreased, and wheels with a diameter of 18 and 20 inches are also installed. The color scheme of the models is supplemented with two colors — beige metallic “moon ray” and green “pearl”. During the restyling, the crossover acquired a sporty appearance, which was achieved due to the above changes.

Both front and rear changes in the design of the restyled crossover have been minor. The shape of the rear optics has been preserved, but changes have affected its design and filling. On the rear bumper, the location of the fog lamps changed, and their shape also changed. The size of the tailpipes of the exhaust pipes framed in a chrome trim has increased, which is why they are also called large-caliber.

The lateral crossover design is no less expressive than the front and rear. The chrome frame of the windows, the stepped relief along the body, rounded contours of square wheel niches stand out here.

2020 Lexus RX

What changes have occurred inside the Lexus RX 2020

During the restyling, minor changes to the interior of the crossover occurred. To begin with, it is worth noting that the elongated version is equipped with two additional seats of the third row. In addition to the new design, these chairs received two additional position adjustment modes. Now their movement allows you to increase the volume of the trunk, or provide a comfortable location of the legs.

Among the changes inside, it should be noted the refreshment of the multimedia system, presented in the form of a 12.3-inch monitor. The touch display can be controlled in two ways — by pressing the monitor or through the touchpad in the central part of the torpedo. The multimedia system has been enhanced with the option of recognizing voice commands, as well as the Android Auto and Apple CarPlay interface.

One of the global changes in the interior of the restyled crossover is the installation of an electronic instrument panel, which in previous versions was presented in the form of analog devices. This change will be appreciated by lovers of electronic equipment in cars.

For interior trim used high quality materials, which are no worse than on German luxury cars. The security system has been improved, which is achieved by upgrading the Pre-Collision system. Its improvement has contributed to the recognition of pedestrians and cyclists in the daytime. The sensitivity of cameras and radars has increased, which allows for better scanning of the environment, and especially in low light conditions.

2020 Lexus RX

What will be installed under the hood of the updated crossover

One of the most interesting questions for any new product is its technical characteristics. No matter how sad it may sound, but the manufacturer chose to leave the previous power units. Buyers of new items will be able to choose an updated crossover in the following trim levels:

1. Lexus RX 300 — equipped with a four-cylinder turbocharged engine, the volume of which is 2 liters. The power of this unit is 238 horses, and 350 Nm of torque.

2. Lexus RX 350 — presented in the form of an atmospheric 3.5-liter six-cylinder unit with a return of 301 horses. At the same time, the torque increased slightly — only 10 Nm, and amounts to 360 Nm.

3. Lexus RX 450h — a hybrid modification, which consists of a 3.5-liter engine and two electric motors. The total power of the power units is 313 horses.

The power of the gasoline engine is 263 hp, and electric motors 123 horses.
As already mentioned, the manufacturer did not focus on appearance and technical data, but on improving the quality of handling. For this, the number of welds and connection points was increased, which affected the increase in body rigidity. Thickened anti-roll bars do an excellent job — they increase the quality of control, and especially save the car from rolls when entering sharp turns. Such (seemingly insignificant) changes entailed the receipt of a completely different car, which differs from its predecessors in 2016, the predictability of control, a more comfortable and dynamic ride.

Power units are assembled with various transmission options:

1. The two-liter unit is equipped with a 6-speed automatic. A car with a 2-liter engine can be purchased both with a single-wheel drive and with all-wheel drive, but for a fee. The fuel consumption of such an engine is 7.8 liters per 100 km.

2. The 3.5-liter aspirated 6-cylinder is equipped with an 8-speed automatic. This engine option consumes only 9 liters of fuel per 100 km, and accelerates to 100 km / h in 8.2 seconds.

3. The hybrid version of the crossover will be available with a stepless variator. The advantage of the hybrid version is reduced fuel consumption of 5.3 liters per 100 km. Acceleration to «hundreds» occurs in just 7.7 seconds.

Despite the fact that the motor range has remained the same, the novelty has become faster, but most importantly, easily manageable and comfortable.

2020 Lexus RX

How much will the restyled crossover Lexus RX 2020 cost

In Russia, an updated version of the crossover will appear, of which there is no doubt. The price of this model will not differ much from its predecessor in 2016. The cheapest equipment will cost customers 3 million rubles.

Fans of Japanese crossovers called Lexus will be able to purchase an updated model PX 2020 model year in a complete set for 5 million rubles. The crossover package promises to be rich, so customers will have plenty to choose from:
1. RX 300 — Standart, Executive, Black Royal, Executive +, F Sport and Luxury Safety from 3 to 4.1 million rubles.
2. RX 350 — Premium, F Sport Luxury and Exclusive from 4 to 4.5 million rubles.
3. RX 350 L — Premium and Exclusive from 4.1 to 4.7 million rubles.
4. RX 450 Hybrid — Premium and Exclusive from 4.8 to 5.3 million rubles.

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