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Acura Integra Prototype 2023.

Acura Integra Prototype 2023.

Acura Integra Prototype 2023.

It’s been about 15 years since Honda launched its last Acura Integra. And now this one of the iconic for the Japanese manufacturer model is back on the market again.

We should note that Honda previously introduced another Integra. This car, is a slightly redesigned version of the last Civic.

The new Acura Integra will be available only in a 5-door body. Judging by the published photos, visually the Japanese model is copied from the Civic. But there are significant differences between these cars.

The novelty is distinguished by narrowed headlights which give the car an aggressive look because of a special form of LED strips.

It is emphasized by a «predatory grin» of a wide central air inlet, from which black ribbons stop near the compact fog lights.

A small spoiler is on the stern of the Japanese model.

It is reported that Integra has 19-inch wheels, behind which Brembo brakes are hiding.

A 12-inch digital dashboard and 9-inch touch screen are provided in the interior of the liftback. Honda plans to announce more details about its novelty later.

Acura Integra Prototype 2023.

In particular, the manufacturer has not even declassified all the technical characteristics of the liftback.

It is known that Integra is equipped with a high-performance supercharged 1,5-liter engine with a control system of valve timing.

It is combined with a six-speed manual transmission with limited slip and a front differential. The output of this unit is expected to reach 203 hp and 240 N*m of torque.

Acura Integra Prototype 2023.

For now, Acura Integra has a prototype status, which allowed the company to avoid detailed specifications and not even show the interior.

But exterior won’t change: production Integra will look as bright as yellow car on these illustrations. However, Integra did not bring anything new to the existing brand stylistics.

The Acura Integra is based on the Honda Civic of the eleventh generation, but it’s not a sedan, but a five-door liftback.

Acura Integra Prototype 2023.

That is, the American Integra returns to its historical roots: these were the cars of the first generation, which were produced from 1985 to 1989 (although other types of bodies were offered then).

The large lettering with the model name on the bumpers is also like the early models. The prototype has 19-inch wheels and diode optics.

Technically the Acura Integra is unified with the «heated» sedan Honda Civic Si. Under the hood is a 1.5 turbocharged engine, the power of which has not yet been named, but in Honda it produces 203 hp.

Acura Integra Prototype 2023.

Declared six-speed manual, limited slip differential and Brembo brakes. Though, certainly, there will be also automatic transmission: most likely, the same variator that has base Civic.

The new liftback will be the first Integra of American assembly, because the previous models were delivered here from Japan.

Production will be set up at a plant in Ohio, where Acura TLX sedans are made.

But the production debut will have to wait until the spring of 2022. In America, the Integra will cost about 30 thousand dollars.

Production of the new Acura Integra will start at the beginning of 2022. Assembly of the car will be set up at an American plant.

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