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Alieno Unum 2022.

Alieno Unum 2022.

Alieno Unum 2022.

Alieno Unum: Bulgarian hypercar with two powertrain options announced.

Bulgarian company Alieno has partially declassified the electrified hypercar Unum under development and even opened the reception of orders for the model that does not yet exist.

The two-door depicted on the renders has an aggressive exterior design with eye-catching blue accents.

On the market, it will be offered with two powertrain options.

So, for Alieno Unum fully electric modification is available. Depending on the wishes of the customer, each wheel of this car will have three, four, five or six electric motors.

Thus, the total number of electric versions will be four, and their total capacity will be 2,610, 3,481, 4,351 and 5,221 hp. The torque range is from 4,440 to 8,880 Nm.

These units are allegedly powered by a traction battery of relatively small capacity — 180 kWh.

Alieno Unum 2022.

The Bulgarians developed it specifically for the hypercar and it consists of graphene lithium-polymer cells and supercapacitors.

At the fast charging stations, it can be fully replenished in just four minutes.

In addition, Alieno Unum has an announced version with a «jet» propulsion system.

Alieno Unum 2022.

This hypercar will be powered by 24 drives, which will run on compressed air stored in a special cylinder of composite materials.

The latter is supposedly able to withstand pressure up to 700 bar, and the compressed air itself can be used to cool the car’s systems (under extreme loads).

Reactive actuators not only create traction, but are allegedly used for other purposes (for example, for steering, increasing downforce and emergency braking).

Alieno Unum 2022.

It is reported that the Bulgarian two-door can reach speeds up to 580 km/h.

For the reactive version of the model a unique option — the ability to dry the road ahead (when driving in the rain) is available.

Alieno Unum 2022.

Specialists Bulgarian brand plans to assemble a hypercar by hand, and the estimated time of construction of a car — from 18 to 30 months.

As for the price, depending on specification the car will cost from 1.8 to 4.5 million euros (108.3 to 270.8 million rubles at current exchange rate).


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