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Apollo IE 2022.

Apollo IE 2022.

Apollo IE 2022.

See how the 780 hp Apollo IE 2022 drives at the Nürburgring.

A video has appeared on Misha Charudin’s YouTube channel showing how an extremely fast hypercar Apollo IE passes the Nürburgring circuit.

The car copes quite well with the rapid overcoming of turns of the track.

Apollo is already developing a successor to its hyperauto Intensa Emozione (IE), but I must say that the latter is still an amazing car that attracts everyone’s attention everywhere.

Apollo began delivery in 2020 and built only 10 copies of the stylish hyper sports car.

Recently, this car drove a lap around the Nürburgring, and Misha Charudin’s YouTube channel presented a video report from this event.

This is IE’s first «journey» on the Nürburgring circuit, and the pilot-developer behind the wheel easily copes with passing the circle of the famous track.

Apollo IE 2022.

The supercar cost 2.6 million dollars, or 159,302,000 rubles, and the last thing the driver wants to do is damage it in any way.

The sound of the car is great thanks to the 6.3-liter naturally aspirated V12 engine with 780 hp and 759 Nm of torque.

Apollo IE 2022.

Apollo achieved a low curb weight of 1,250 kg thanks to the extensive use of carbon fiber for the body and chassis.

The low weight of the car and the powerful engine allow it to reach a speed of 333 km / h.

Apollo IE 2022.

The load-bearing body of the car weighs only 105 kg, and the car can accelerate to 100 km / h in 2.7 seconds.

Apollo worked with HWA to produce the car, and they worked together to develop it.

Apollo IE 2022.

The Apollo Project Evo is the successor to the IE, which the company presented at the end of last year. Project Evo has a wild style that is a little smoother than IE’s design.

The car is equipped with X-shaped daytime running lights, aerodynamic stabilizers, a retractable and adjustable rear spoiler and massive triangular air intakes.

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