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Apple Car 2025.

Apple Car 2025.

Apple Car 2025.

Still a long way from the debut: details of preparations for the launch of the Apple Car, as well as the timing of the appearance on the market .

As you know, the famous American brand Apple has been dreaming about the production of its own cars for not the first year.

The company has even created a special department, called Apple Car, to conduct developments and prepare for the launch of production.

However, we already know that this area has ceased to exist and no developments regarding the production of electric cars in Apple is not conducted.

From time to time there was information in the network that representatives of the American brand are in talks with various automakers, as well as companies engaged in production of batteries for electric cars. However, this information turned out to be banal «duck».

As reported the day before in the network by a source familiar with the processes taking place in Apple, the project of the company’s debut electric car is now completely stopped.

Apple Car 2025.

No development work is underway in this area. The fact is that Apple management was dissatisfied with the current results of the project and is now searching for new engineers.

All this means that we can’t count on the fast release of Apple’s first car in the near future.

According to the expert, even if the development of the car will be restarted in the next 3-6 months, it will not be able to debut before 2025.

At the moment, of the most significant information related to the process of preparing for the release of Apple’s debut electric car, we can note only the fact that in February the company patented a new processor for its electric car.

We’re talking about a processor that is capable of making instant decisions while the car is driving, and also has self-learning capabilities to continually improve the quality of the built-in autopilot.

Apple Car 2025.

The Apple Car electric car won’t come out until 2025, or even much later.

Renowned analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of TF Securities commented on the new wave of rumors about Apple developing its own self-driving electric car.

Reports from sources about Apple’s work on Project Titan have repeatedly appeared on the Internet, but the company has never confirmed their accuracy.

In a research note for investors, which was read by the AppleInsider resource, Ming-Chi Kuo warned investors against rushing to buy shares of companies allegedly related to Apple’s automotive activities.

Buying stock in related companies is «an impulsive reaction that may not last long,» Kuo believes.

Apple Car 2025.

He believes there are at least three reasons why investors shouldn’t rush into it.

According to the analyst, it should be taken into account that it is still unclear when the Cupertino, California-based company’s electric car will see the light of day.

It is also unknown what its specs will be and whether it will be competitive in the electric and driverless car market.

While a previous report by TF Securities predicted an Apple Car electric car release between 2023 and 2025, the company’s latest research suggests that there is still no clarity with the timeline for Apple Car development.

Apple Car 2025.

If Apple started in 2020 and things are and will continue to go smoothly, the potential launch of a driverless car could happen between 2025 and 2027, according to TF Securities’ calculations.

«Because of changes in the electric car and driverless car market, and Apple’s high quality standards, we wouldn’t be surprised if the Apple Car launch schedule is pushed back to 2028 or later,» Kuo added.

TF Securities said in a note to the research note that reports that have emerged about Apple Car specifications and suppliers are «only market speculation,» so it’s too early to talk about the final specifications of the new product long before its scheduled release.

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