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Aston Martin DB12 2024.

Aston Martin DB12 2024.

Aston Martin DB12 2024.

Aston Martin has unveiled the 2024 DB12 with a new body.

Aston Martin has unveiled the new 2024 DB12 Gran Tutismo.

At the same time, it is reported that she is the direct «heir» of the DB5 car, which gained its fame thanks to the character from the James Bond films.

The company itself claims that the DB12 is an absolute novelty, which became the debut after Aston Martin was taken over by Lawrence Stroll.

However, the network immediately dispelled this myth, emphasizing that DB12 is only a redesigned and improved version of DB11 2017.

When developing the model, the manufacturer upgraded its class, while it lost its unsurpassed dynamics and increased in size.

Now the novelty from Aston Martin began to compete not with Ferrari, as before, but with the Bentley Continental GT.

Note that the B12 has become the debutant of a completely new line from the manufacturer, which will include 8 more models. All of them will be presented until 2026 inclusive.

The successor to the DB11 with a 680-horsepower V8 engine takes 3.6 seconds to accelerate from standstill to “hundreds”, and its maximum speed is 325 km / h.

Aston Martin DB12 2024.

The British manufacturer Aston Martin has been producing the DB11 sports car since 2016: this model has replaced the version with the DB9 index.

Previously, photo spies caught on the roads a disguised prototype of the future sports car, teasers were published at the beginning of last week, but even then the company did not name the model preparing for its debut. Now the novelty — Aston Martin DB12 — has been completely declassified.

So, the debuted sports car has a different front bumper, as well as a noticeably larger grille with a pattern in the form of thin horizontal chrome lines.

Aston Martin DB12 2024.

Another model received a modernized LED optics with a slightly modified shape and with a different light pattern.

The DB12 also has a differently designed sculpted hood, under the lip of which is a revised Aston Martin branding.

The side mirrors are now thinner. The stern remained practically unchanged, except that the inscription with the name of the brand under the logo became larger.

The DB12’s list of updates also includes new 21-inch wheels, which are 8kg lighter than the 20-inch ones found on the DB11.

Aston Martin DB12 2024.

The wheels come with Michelin Pilot 5s tires with noise-reducing polyurethane foam inserts, which are expected to reduce tire noise in the cabin by 20%.

The main change was the interior: Aston Martin DB12 was equipped with a new steering wheel and a modern virtual instrument panel (diagonal — 10.25 inches).

In the center of the front panel is the touchscreen of the new infotainment system, its diagonal is 10.25 inches.

Multimedia developed by Mercedes-Benz has support for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, 4G connectivity, 3D maps for navigation, a voice assistant, and an over-the-air update function.

Aston Martin DB12 2024.

The sports car also has a “floating” center console in the cabin (landing formula — 2 + 2), new ventilation deflectors of a thinner shape and a minimalistic gear selector.

An 11-speaker sound system is standard, with a 15-speaker Bowers & Wilkins premium option available at an additional cost.

These figures are 145 hp. and 125 Nm more than its predecessor. By the way, they even exceed the performance of the DB11 with a V12 engine (639 hp and 700 Nm).

The Aston Martin DB12 takes 3.6 seconds to accelerate from standstill to “hundreds”, which is 0.4 seconds less than the V8 DB11 and 0.1 seconds less than the V12 predecessor.

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