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Aston Martin DBX Straight Six 2022.

Aston Martin DBX Straight Six 2022.

Aston Martin DBX Straight Six 2022.

Aston Martin DBX Straight Six 2022 : basic version with inline six.

The Aston Martin DBX crossover debuted two years ago and quickly became the company’s best-seller.

In the first three quarters of this year, 2,186 cars were sold, while all other Aston Martin models, combined, found 2,064 buyers. With the crossover, total sales were up 173% over the same period last year!

Until now, the DBX has only been offered with the AMG V8 4.0 biturbo engine, but now the range has been expanded: the junior Aston Martin DBX Straight Six has been introduced.

However, so far, this version is designed only for China, where the presentation took place.

Aston Martin has returned to in-line six-cylinder engines. The company had been using such engines of its own design for a long time, but in 1973 it completely switched over to V8 engines.

Return of the «sixes» occurred in 1993 with the debut of the salvation for the company model Aston Martin DB7, but production of cars with such engines was stopped already in 1999, when V12 engine version appeared and attracted all the consumer interest.

Aston Martin DBX Straight Six 2022.

Since then, Aston Martin produced cars only with V8 and V12 engines. The recent project of its own twin-turbo V6 engine was closed at the stage of prototype testing.

Since the DBX is built using parts and units of the Mercedes GLE crossover (including the V8 engine), the new six-cylinder engine is also borrowed from Daimler.

This is the same unit that is put on the model Mercedes-AMG GLE 53: in-line 3.0 liter engine is equipped with a dual-flow turbocharger and electric supercharger.

Aston Martin DBX Straight Six 2022.

The output is 435 hp and 520 Nm against 550 hp and 700 Nm of the four-liter «eight». In addition, the DBX Straight Six is the first Aston with a 48-volt starter-generator that produces up to 250 Nm, helps in the first seconds of acceleration and works as part of the start-stop system.

The transmission and chassis are the same as those of the crossover with the V8 engine, but, naturally, recalibrated.

Aston Martin DBX Straight Six 2022.

The DBX has a nine-speed automatic, all-wheel drive with front axle clutch and an electronically controlled locking rear differential.

The suspension has adaptive dampers, three-chamber air bags and active stabilizers, whose actuators are powered by the same 48-volt electric system as the electric supercharger with starter generator.

Maximum speed — 259 km/h, acceleration time to «hundred» — 5,4 s. Parameters of the version with the V8 engine — 291 km/h and 4.5 s, respectively.

Visually, the six-cylinder version can be identified only by the «Straight Six» badges on the front fenders and other grille-air ducts on the hood. Aston Martin DBX Straight Six 2022.

Standard equipment also includes 21-inch wheels, but customers can order 22-inch V8 wheels. There are no differences in the interior at all.

The price of the base version in China is from $298,000 compared to $360,000 for the eight-cylinder DBX.

It is not clear yet whether the six-cylinder version will appear in other markets. But it certainly will not be the last expansion of the crossover’s range.

A more powerful eight-cylinder DBX S will come out soon, and a full-fledged hybrid version is scheduled to debut in 2025.

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