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Audi A5 2022.

Audi A5 2022.

Audi A5 2022.

Audi A5 2022: coupe with sporty design and dynamic driving characteristics.

The new version of the German car — Audi A5 2022 — is released as a three-door sports coupe with an updated body design and dynamic traction characteristics of the power units.

The novelty of the brand’s lineup has no age preference, the modernized «five» of the 2022 sample is focused on the wishes of fans of dynamic driving style.

The new Audi differs from last year’s model by exclusive layout and design solutions, including:

modified bumper and radiator cladding;
expanded features of standard and additional paid options;
perfect ergonomics and profiling of all four seats.


The front end décor is dominated by sporty and, to a large extent, aggressive styling features. In sight:

excellent aerodynamics of the windshield and the drooping front edge of the longitudinally-relief hood;
large format, bright chrome-plated perimeter and horizontal massive slats of octagonal radiator grille;
non-standard configuration of multifunctional LED lamps.

In the configuration of the lower floor of the elongated front end — combined with sources of fog lights diffusers venting the front brake circuit and a compact textured mesh lower air intake.

The composition is completed by a ribbed profile of a narrow metal dodger.

The chrome-plated brand logo and front grille, as well as a set of dynamic stepped reliefs are responsible for the decorative design of the frontal plane of the body.

Audi A5 2022.

In the side, less bright and expressive, profile perspective the new model of the sports three-door in a coupe body demonstrates:

The progressive, dynamic slope of the domed roof;
arched shape and silver framing of two-section side glazing;
chrome-plated mirror housings and a wide wave relief connecting the front and rear fenders.

The side skirts include a sporty pattern of aluminum composite 20-inch wheels.

The styling on the aft side of the hull is based on practicality and functionality.

There is a trunk door decorated with a decorative spoiler protrusion, brand logo and a deep transverse profile, an interesting three-dimensional graphics of the dimensional stop optics and a massive, wide bumper.

The overall style is harmoniously blended with a diagonal of plastic trim with two sports exhaust pipes.

Judging by the numerous comments and reviews, the new look of the sports coupe has been positively evaluated by motorists of all ages.

Audi A5 2022.


The new generation of the sports coupe has expanded the current range and thoroughly improved the quality of interior, decoration and finishing, completing materials.

Restyling left the composition of technical and electronic equipment unchanged, while at the same time expanded the range of their functionalities.

In particular, the characteristics of climate and cruise control, multimedia and on-board comfort-forming options are improved.

Judging by the photo, the front panel has got a block layout of the virtual dashboard and media display with an increased diagonal and sensor activation of some of the onboard equipment.

The torpedo also includes a set of ventilation diffusers and two consoles with mechanical activators of systems and units.

Audi A5 2022.

A strictly functional tunnel set includes a lever-type transmission mode switch, a media and information circuit tuning puck, organizers and a cooler built into the armrest.

Perfectly profiled and ergonomic in all respects, the front seats are initially characterized by the presence of a full transverse-lumbar support, electrified adjustment mechanisms, heating and ventilation systems.

The more modest boarding service of two rear seats offers free boarding and a nominal amount of individual space for each passenger.

Seaters above average height are discomforted by the low roof profile.

The new coupe has an impressive 465-liter boot volume, which can be increased in 2.6 times by uncomplicated removal of backrests of second row seats.


External dimensions of the body in the layout relations of 4673 x 1846 and 1371 mm comply with the recommendations of European engineering standards.

Axle base distance length is the same 2764 mm, the height of 145 mm clearance remained on the initial indicator.

MLB platform, with independent wishbone suspension, active anti-roll bars and road safety systems, with technological changes carried over from the branded model of the Sportback series.

The new-generation Audi A5 2022 offers a choice of three turbocharged diesels and one gasoline engine, in a power range from 170 to 272 hp.

Audi A5 2022.

Presumably, the 7-range S-tronic automatic transmission and the quattro all-wheel drive in tandem with the Torsen differential will remain in operation.

A multi-drive test drive showed an average time to reach the first hundred of 7.2-5.8 seconds, and top speeds of 235 and 250 km/h.

Gasoline and diesel consumption is 5.9 and 4.4 liters per 100 kilometers, respectively, in different speed regimes.

Features and prices

On the Russian market, the new Audi A5 2022 model year is represented by three modifications.

The price of models with diesel and gasoline engines starts from 2.6 and 2.8 million Russian rubles.

It is likely that the price will be adjusted upwards due to special options.


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