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Audi A7L 2023.

Audi A7L 2023.

Audi A7L 2023.

Why the new Audi A7L is better than the Porsche Panamera: a brief review of the German sedan.

For many Audi fans among all sedans, the A7 should be special.

It has many advantages, such as a dynamic and elegant appearance, a luxurious temperament and sufficient power.

After the appearance of the SAIC Volkswagen Audi co-brand in China, the local version of the Audi A7L 2023 immediately attracted a lot of attention.

In the appearance of the Audi A7L one can feel the outstanding dynamic temperament.

The front mainly continues the style of the European version and looks very recognizable.

It is combined with clear edges on the hood lid and blackened radiator grille.

The additional air intakes and the lower grille are sharper.

Audi A7L 2023.

Due to this the entire front of the car looks more aggressive.

The headlights on both sides of the Audi A7L not only look quite spectacular, but also filled with black elements.

Audi A7L 2023.

The high-definition matrix design includes 32 LED modules, which can accurately distribute the beam according to road conditions and not interfere with oncoming vehicles.

The top models of the SAIC Audi A7L are equipped with intelligent laser headlights that focus with X-optics and the range of illumination can be increased from 300 to 600 meters.

Audi A7L 2023.

They will automatically turn on when the speed reaches 70 kilometers per hour, which is quite convenient.

By the way, the representative extended version of the Porsche Panamera comes standard only with conventional LED headlights.

Matrix optics in this model is offered as an option, and laser at all is not provided.

Audi A7L 2023.

From the side, the Audi A7L looks sleek and slender, and with frameless doors, it’s more in line with modern fashion.

Electric intake door technology is used, so the car can be closed with a light effort.

The car has 20-inch star wheels, which are much more dynamic than the Panamera’s 19-inch wheels.

What else is worth mentioning is that the sedan is equipped with dynamic all-wheel steering, which is rare in the same class.

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