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Audi A8 2022.

Audi A8 2022.

Audi A8 2022.

Audi A8 2022: the flagship German sedan with big ambitions.

Not so long ago the automobile public was presented the Audi A8 2022, a stylish and luxurious sedan, which plans to conquer the markets of more than fifty countries.

Restyling of «German» did not mark the change of generations of the car, but added charm and elegance in appearance, made the interior more comfortable and improved underhood characteristics.

Ingolstadt team of designers and engineers managed to create a good-quality, modern car with lots of interesting developments, some of which later should «go down» to more affordable models of the German manufacturer.


Already from the photo you can tell that the premium sedan will retain the elegant nobility of its predecessors.

Its trump card may become almost an ideal combination of streamlined relief, slightly tweaked lighting, air intakes and smaller, but very elegant decorative elements.

Particular attention is attracted by the front projection of the new body. Located quite low, it looks brutal due to its large length and width.

Under the large windshield in the wide uprights a huge, slightly tilted forward hood lid with a strictly outlined relief elevation in the central part is beautiful.

Immediately in front of it there are «icons» of matrix LED headlights with additional corners at the bottom.

The hexagonal radiator grille is a bit taller and has a fine mesh grid inside for the European market and two-color vertical lamellae for the Chinese market.

Approximately in the middle there is an area to place the registration plate and slightly above — the chrome brand symbol.

Audi A8 2022.

The complex bumper, which, in addition to aerodynamic transitions, boasts elegant, chrome or gloss black side inserts with fog lights, as well as a thin, stylish lip over the lower edge of the trim, can be considered a real work of art.

The sides of the new model attract attention with a subtle, bright relief, a domed roof and many smaller elements.

These include elegant chrome or black-gloss edging of rounded windows, beautiful mirrors on thin legs, slightly protruding sills and huge circular wheel arches, where alloy wheels, by which the short-wheelbase version can be distinguished from the «long» modification, organically fit.

Behind the car almost completely repeats design «chips» of premium sedans of the same class.

Under the fin of the radio antenna is placed strongly sloped glass, turning into a short trunk lid, equipped with a thin aerodynamic stripe on the top rear edge.

The shape of the rear lights remained the same, but now as the stuffing is offered ultra-thin OLEDs, which will vary in pattern depending on the chosen combination of design.

The stern of the Audi A8 2022 is completed by a rather elegant dodger with fog lights and a chrome trimmed inset with narrow barrels of fog lights and a protective plate in the middle.


The interior of the new Audi A8 2022 model year looks, as it should, «expensive-rich.»

Audi A8 2022.

Among the trim materials can be found high-quality plastic, wear-resistant leather, carbon fiber, as well as inserts of polished aluminum.

In addition, the sedan has a decent multimedia equipment, capable of making any movement in the car easy and pleasant.

Controls and controls

The configuration of the central console is dominated by «layering» and straight lines.

In its upper layer small air deflectors, bright, completely digital multimode dashboard, and before it — a plump rim of the steering wheel, in the intricate weave which found a place for the side spokes, decorated like a scattering of auxiliary keys.

There are practically no physical buttons on the panel: the majority of functions are activated with the help of two touch screens: command and entertaining a bit higher and located below the touch-screen of climate control.

As for the wide and high tunnel, it perfectly accommodates places for connecting external media and charging gadgets, the technical panel with a short, powerful automatic selector, several organizers, as well as a luxurious armrest with a luggage compartment spreading to two sides.

Audi A8 2022.

Seating and luggage compartment

Despite the fact that according to the passport the car can carry five people at a time, in fact it is four-seater, with very comfortable, covered with soft leather seats, comfortable padding and plenty of «plushies»: heating, massage and even ventilation.

Position adjusters, of course, are automatic, and front seats can be adjusted more accurately, the tilt of backrests of rear seats is less subject to adjustments.

But there will be individual deflectors of ventilation system, multimedia monitors, as well as very convenient multifunctional armrest-bar.

The luggage compartment will not hold many things: 315 liters in the long version and a little over 500 in the usual one. However, this indicator is not so important for such car.

Technical characteristics

For the Audi A8 2022 engineers prepared a lot of interesting solutions for the suspension, which became adaptable and steering, allowing you to deploy a long — from 5.17 meters in the normal version to 5.30 meters in the long version — sedan in a confined space.

Powertrains are still plentiful. The three-liter turbodiesel produces 285 «horses». Among gasoline engines you can choose three-liter «six» for 340 or four-liter «eight» for 460 horsepower.

Audi A8 2022.

The second engine can be boosted up to 570 hp. Hybrid unit is offered alone: in combination with the three-liter gasoline engine and an electric motor it achieves peak power of 462 «horses».

Regardless of the power unit, the cars will be equipped with an eight-speed automatic transmission and branded quattro all-wheel drive.

As shown by test-drive, the car will be able to easily pick up speed and drive quickly, while a pleasant bonus will be excellent, soft steering and fairly modest fuel consumption.

Options and prices

Two basic kitting flagship: standard and extended — can be complemented by the acquisition of all sorts of packages and equipment, as well as pick up to each optimal power unit.

Starting price of novelty will be 99.5 thousand euros, for all additional options you will need to pay another 10,000 units of foreign currency.

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