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Audi Grandsphere.

Audi Grandsphere.

Audi Grandsphere.

Audi Grandsphere has hinted at the vector of development of flagship models of the brand.

Audi has presented conceptual sedan Grandsphere which is the peculiar harbinger of the next generation of flagship A8.

The model is made in the same style as the prototype Skysphere shown earlier. It has the most streamlined body, while its stern is more reminiscent of a fastback than a classic sedan.

The car has a large frameless grille with hexagonal cells and narrow strips of headlights. Interestingly, due to these elements the front part of the body reminds a face of a Cheshire cat.

The car also attracts attention with its huge 23-inch wheels, the design of which reminds conceptual Audi Avus shown by the Germans in the 1990s.

The front and rear doors of the showcar open in different directions, with no central body pillars, which provides the easiest access to the cabin.

Audi Grandsphere.

The latter has a traditional layout, and between the front seats is located a low partition. There are two cupholders with cooling function.

Since the concept is equipped with a full-fledged autopilot of the fourth level, the steering wheel and pedals in the car are hidden by default. There are no displays as such, but there is a projector that displays a picture directly on the wooden front panel.

Audi Grandsphere.

For interaction with the regular information system a new interface «MMI Touchless Response» is used. The latter is a combination of a rotating puck and a few buttons, located on the door panels.

From the name of the interface it is not difficult to guess that you can control the car’s functions without touching — with gestures.

Smart electronics of the prototype is able to recognize the driver and passengers, automatically opening doors for them and setting personal settings of seats and climate.

Audi Grandsphere.

The front seats can be tilted backwards by an angle of up to 60 degrees for the most comfortable journeys. Audi Grandsphere Concept is built on Volkswagen’s PPE platform.

The sedan is 5.35 meters long, 2.0 meters wide and 1.39 meters high. Its wheelbase is not advertised, but it is clearly larger than the current A8.

Audi Grandsphere.

In motion this prototype is driven by two electric motors. One of them is installed in front, and another one is behind, that is the presented car is all-wheel drive.

In total these engines give out 710 hp and 960 Nm, allowing the model to «shoot» from a place to a hundred in less than 4.0 seconds.

In order to save energy, the maximum speed is electronically limited, but its limit developers do not advertise.

Audi Grandsphere.

However, it is known that the prototype is equipped with 120 kWh traction battery. According to the developers, this car can travel up to 750 km.

At the same time, it is possible to charge the battery from 270 kW stations: it takes only 25 minutes to replenish the charge from 5 to 80%.

The company is not planning to put the concept into mass production, but some of the solutions shown in it will appear in the successor of the current A8 which is expected to appear in 2024.

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