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Audi Q5 2022.

Audi Q5 2022.

Audi Q5 2022.

Audi Q5 has suddenly lost power after the upgrade, but has become more expensive. All the details.

Having updated the Audi Q5 for 2022, the German concern has revised the list of available modifications.

As a result, this led to the fact that the crossover became less powerful, but its price has slightly increased.

Now the Audi Q5 is priced at a minimum of $43,300 on the U.S. market, when its predecessor was $100 cheaper.

The pre-reformed version of the German crossover was equipped by default with a 261-horsepower motor.

But in the updated modification Audi Q5 is equipped with the supercharged 2-liter engine developing up to 201 hp and 320 N*m as standard.

It is connected with an all-wheel drive and two-disk 7 steps «robot».  Acceleration to a «hundred» in a new Audi Q5 takes 6.8 seconds (the pre-reform model has 5.7 seconds).

Maximum speed of the crossover is artificially limited at 209 km/h.

The initial version of the German model offers 18-inch aluminum wheels, all-season tires, LED lights, electrically adjustable tailgate, quality interior trim (including leather seats), front seats with electric heating, three-zone climate and other equipment.

Audi Q5 2022.

The Audi Q5 is also offered with a 10.1-inch touchscreen and a 7-inch digital instrument cluster.

German company has saved 261-horsepower engine and a hybrid unit for a crossover. At that the last modification has risen in price by 3.5 thousand dollars at once.

Partly so appreciable increase in price is caused by the fact that in all versions of the crossover the branded safety complex with a parking camera, cruise control, an active parking assistant, automatic control of high beam and several systems of driver’s assistance is provided.

Audi Q5 2022.

The new Audi Q5 2022 is based on the MLB evo modular platform. The crossover body design makes extensive use of high-strength steel as well as aluminum, with the latter being used to make the hood, front bumper crossmember and luggage door.

The car has a completely independent chassis, and its front axle has a double wishbone suspension, while the rear uses a four-lever design.

We shall note that in our market the crossover is offered with four variants of a suspension, three of which are spring (usual, sports and with electronically controlled shock-absorbers), and the fourth is pneumatic, allowing adjusting clearance in the range of 60 mm.

Audi Q5 2022.

The brakes are disc «all round». All versions of the model have original all-wheel drive transmission by default, and gasoline cars use quattro ultra system with a multi-disc clutch to connect the rear wheels, and diesel cars have quattro with Torsen differential.

Audi Q5 2022.

Overall dimensions

Length — 4 663 — 4 682
Width — 1,893
Height — 1 659 — 1 662
Wheelbase — 2 819
Ground clearance — 200 — 208

According to official data, the volume of the trunk of the crossover is 550 liters, and with the folded rear seats the capacity of the hold reaches 1,550 liters.

The car is entitled to a 70-liter fuel tank. Curb weight of the vehicle with a gasoline engine is 1,825 kg, with a diesel — 1,915 kg.

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