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Audi Q5 2024.

Audi Q5 2024.

Audi Q5 2024.

The new Audi Q5 2024 has been «lighted up» on road tests: the crossover has become bigger and more aggressive.

Western media shared spy photos of the new Audi Q5 2024.

Premiere of the crossover is expected next year, but the date will be announced later.

Tested the car in camouflage, but even this does not hide all exterior details.

In particular, it is already visible that the front bumper of the model has a pronounced aggressive style.

In addition, the crossover will become larger, which promises more spacious interior.

In terms of technical equipment the presence of standard internal combustion engines with «soft» hybrid technology is assumed.

So, the Audi Q5 has been spotted on the next road tests. Of course, the crossover is tested in protective camouflage, but some details are still open.

Audi Q5 2024.

In particular, it is already possible to consider the radiator grille filling, which is presented in the form of stylish 3D pattern.

In general, the front of the car looks a little aggressive. This effect is largely obtained by the peculiar shape of the headlights, although it is impossible to consider their shape in detail because of the masking.

Audi Q5 2024.

Behind the optics is presented in a temporary format, so you can not define its style of execution yet.

In general, cardinal upgrades in Audi Q5 design are not expected. Although there is not much information about the model in the public domain yet.

Audi Q5 2024.

It is known that the crossover will be available with new dimensions. In particular, it will become larger, which will provide more room and comfort in the cabin.

Although the interior of the future novelty has not been revealed yet. However, insiders have received some information about the interior of the model.

Audi Q5 2024.

Thus, it is reported about the emergence of new safety technologies, an improved version of the dashboard and a modern infotainment system.

Despite active electrification of the model range the standard combustion engine will be saved for Audi Q5.

However, its parameters are unknown yet. It is supposed that the unit will be supplemented with a «soft» hybrid.

An electric version will also be available. Let’s remind that the crossover will be presented next year, but in the dealer centers will appear no earlier than 2024.


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