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Audi RS 6 Avant from Mansory 2022.

Audi RS 6 Avant от Mansory 2022.

Audi RS 6 Avant from Mansory 2022.

Audi RS 6 Avant from Mansory 2022. The 820-horsepower Audi RS6 Avant: the joint brainchild of Mansory and MTM.

The photos show a customized version of the Audi RS6 Avant (C8), built by tuners from Mansory and MTM at the request of a customer.

This station wagon boasts performance at the level of top supercars.

The exterior of the modification attracts attention with a black body paint with contrasting blue stripes and the presence of a stylish body kit.

At the front of the station wagon there is a carbon splitter and the same edging of the side air intakes. Plus the car has received a more aggressive hood from Mansory.

In the process of tuning, the Audi RS6 Avant also got different side «skirts» and was put on 22-inch wheels with black and blue spokes.

Two spoilers appeared on its rear end (on the roof and trunk lid).

In addition, the car got a unique rear bumper and a carbon fiber diffuser with four exhaust pipes.

Audi RS 6 Avant from Mansory

Its headlights have been lightly tinted, and the nameplates on the body have been blacked out.

From the factory, the RS6 Avant has a 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 that produces 600 hp and 800 Nm.

However, MTM specialists have installed a program «Stage 2» on the car, raising the output of the motor to 820 hp and 1,167 Nm of torque.

Audi RS 6 Avant from Mansory

This station wagon can «shoot» from a place up to a hundred in less than 3.0 seconds, developing speeds up to 330 km/h.

The car also got lowered suspension, which allowed making its landing more spectacular.

The modified car is currently in Poland. It has already been tested by bloggers from Youtube channel Auditography.

It is not specified how much this tuning cost.

Audi RS 6 Avant from Mansory

Mansory and MTM showed their version of the Audi RS6 Avant 2022 wagon.

Masters tuning studio Mansory and studio MTM presented a new brutal version of the German wagon Audi RS6 Avant in 2022.

Together with additional equipment the car has received quite unusual exterior.

Universal in the standard version got a fairly powerful power unit, but it seemed to tuners not enough. Also along with the increased output the car got an exterior styled for the apocalypse.

Audi RS 6 Avant from Mansory

The exterior features include new exhaust pipes, a double spoiler at the rear of the vehicle, and 22-inch wheels.

Mansory traditionally added a wide massive spoiler and carbon fiber accents.

The developers of MTM Stage 2 boosted V8 4-liter twin-turbo up to 820 hp, maximum speed increased to 330 km/h and acceleration to the first hundred takes less than 3 seconds.

The cost of tuned station wagon is not disclosed yet, most likely the models will be assembled according to individual orders.

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