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Audi RS Q8 Manhart RQ 900.

Audi RS Q8 Manhart RQ 900.

Audi RS Q8 Manhart RQ 900.

Manhart RQ 900: Modified Audi RS Q8 with a Recoil of Over 900 «Horses» About a year ago, the Manhart studio announced a modification of the RQ 900 based on the «charged» Audi RS Q8 crossover.

Now this version is presented officially. Outside, the modified crossover has a black body paint and contrasting golden stripes.

Plus, the car boasts a new front splitter, widened wheel arches, side skirts, a pair of spoilers at the stern and a pronounced rear diffuser.

The Manhart SUV also features a different stainless steel exhaust system that has four 100mm tailpipes. The latter can be made of either ceramic or carbon.

Another feature of the modification is the 24-inch Manhart wheels from the Classic line. They are «shod» in tires measuring 295/30 and 355/25 front and rear, respectively.

The Manhart RQ 900’s interior again sports bold gold accents that can be seen on the dash, center console, doors and steering wheel.

The interior of the modification is everywhere sheathed in leather with decorative stitching, plus the car has branded floor mats.

Audi RS Q8 Manhart RQ 900.

Recall that the original RS Q8 is powered by a 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 with 600 hp. and 800 Nm, however, on the RQ 900 modification, this unit produces 918 forces and 1,180 Nm of torque.

Even projects from ABT Sportsline, Mansory and MTM cannot boast of such characteristics. Moreover, it is the second most powerful tuned version of the RS Q8 in the world (the first is the 996-horsepower version from the Wheelsandmore studio).

Audi RS Q8 Manhart RQ 900.

To achieve such impressive performance, Manhart had to change the engine management program, install an Eventuri carbon intake, sports downpipes and a proprietary intercooler.

In addition, an eight-speed automatic was modified in the workshop so that it could cope with the increased loads.

Unfortunately, the dynamic characteristics of the modification have not been published, but such a crossover is probably significantly faster than the stock one.

Recall that from the factory, the car is capable of accelerating from zero to hundreds in 3.8 seconds, reaching speeds of up to 305 km / h.

Audi RS Q8 Manhart RQ 900.

At the same time, the company reports that the model also had an understated air suspension (by 30-40 mm), and for a surcharge, customers can order more efficient brakes.

For Audi RS Q8 owners, the conversion of a crossover into a monstrous Manhart RQ 900 will cost a pretty penny.

Audi RS Q8 Manhart RQ 900.

For example, just for boosting the engine, tuners ask 22,500 euros (almost 2.0 million rubles at the current exchange rate), and another € 24,900 (2.2 million rubles) for a body kit.

For golden decals you will have to pay € 839.5 (74,000 rubles), for wheels — € 9,900 (870,000 rubles), for a lowered suspension — € 831.9 (73,000 rubles), for an exhaust system with downpipes — € 8,437 (742,000 rubles), for altering the interior they ask € 29,900 (2.6 million rubles).

In total, it turns out € 67 409 (more than 5.9 million rubles).

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