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Audi RS5 2020

Audi RS5 2020

Audi RS5 2020

Audi RS5 2020: test drive the new version of the Coupe and Sportback from a series of fast cars
Traditionally, after updating the A5 line, after a couple of months, the RS department rolls out its versions of the charged Coupe and Sportback 2020 model year.

We note right away that no fundamental changes have occurred. The new RS5 is nothing more than a planned restyling and the changes mainly affected the body, interior and some electronics.
What exactly prepared Audi consider below.

Audi RS5 2020


In technical terms, Audi has remained in place. The MQB EVO trolley received a transverse arrangement of the power unit and a completely independent suspension — in front of a two-, rear 5-link design.

Also on board are RS5 sports racks, adaptive shock absorbers with oil lines, ceramic brakes with 6 pistons and an active differential. As the chassis, Dynamic Ride Control and Quattro all-wheel drive are selected.

The heart of the new Audi Coupe and Sportback will be last year’s uncontested engine with two turbochargers.
6 cylinders with a V-shaped arrangement give out 450 hp at 600 hm. Also included is a permanent 8-speed automatic. The bunch accelerates both bodies to hundreds in 3.9 seconds.

Maksimalka received an electronic collar for 250 km. With a surcharge for RS dynamic, it will increase to 280 km / h.

The equipment of the new «Eresok» is fully consistent with the reputation:
EBD, ABS, tire pressure and temperature sensor,
dynamic cruise, parking sensors, three driving modes,
rear camera, LED dimensions and optics,
alarm, ISOFIX, keyless entry,
2-zone climate, heating,
ventilation and massage of all seats, etc.
For a surcharge, the manufacturer offers matrix headlights with laser heads.

The body of the Audi Coupe and Sportback is made of high-strength steel grades. The aluminum remained the supports of the struts and crossbars in front and behind to ensure depreciation crushing of the body at the time of the accident.

Audi RS5 2020.


Although the RS5 is specifically a modified sports version of the A5 line, for the most part attention is drawn to design changes. Coupe is the best German design has ever produced.

Aspect ratio, radii, edges, view, dimensions of wheel arches, roof angle, etc. brought to perfection. I would also like to note the protruding raised arches in the back, reminiscent of traditional American forms of muscle cars.

In addition to the new ribs on the sides, the thresholds are pleasing, which received barely noticeable depressed stampings. Rims are available in two sizes — 19 and 20 inches. Figure y
Coupe and Sportback will be different.

The body kit has changed behind. The new RS5 received other exhaust pads and an additional center diffuser. Also, due to the massive rib on the hind wings, an additional face was realized at the transition to the stern.

Audi RS5 2020


At first glance, the interior of the new «Eresok» has not changed much, but with a head-on comparison of innovations, there are quite a lot. The architecture of the central tunnel, finishing materials, the shape of the seats, multi-wheel, door cards and the shape of the torpedo have changed.

The dashboard received a virtual performance in the form of a 12-inch screen with a projection component.
Two cup holders, a carbon lining formed on the central tunnel, the multimedia washer disappeared and a new panel for switching the driving modes and backstage was available.

Armchairs left the sporting direction in the direction of a certain S-class, although many retaining elements and stamping «RS» remained. Cut received the famous honeycombs framed by a white line.

Audi RS5 2020...

Price and sales start date

New items are already being sold in Europe. RS5 will come to us at the end of January 2020.
It is noteworthy that the price of both new items will be the same. That Coupe, that Sportback, start from 5.88 million rubles.

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