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Audi RS7 by Wheelsandmore.

Audi RS7 by Wheelsandmore.

Audi RS7 by Wheelsandmore.

Wheelsandmore’s «supercharged» Audi RS7 is more powerful than the Bugatti Veyron hypercar.

Wheelsandmore has presented a new program of modifications for Audi RS7 Sportback II, which allows increasing performance of «charged» liftback up to the level of top hypercars.

Recall that from the factory, the German model has a 4.0-liter V8 engine and an electric superstructure in the form of a 48-volt starter-generator, which together produce 600 hp and 800 Nm.

Wheelsandmore specialists considered such performance insufficient and proposed to increase the output of the soft-hybrid unit in several stages.

Audi RS7 by Wheelsandmore.

So, at the first stage (Stage 1) German tuners are ready to squeeze 700 hp out of Audi RS7 at once.

It is known that the car will be deprived of electronic speed limiter, and boosting will cost 2,856 euros (242,000 rubles at the current exchange rate).

There is also an intermediate variant Stage1+ which allows you to raise power up to 740 horsepower, but you will have to pay already €3,781 (320,000 rubles).

In a full-fledged second stage (Stage 2) tuners will further modify the engine and install a sports air filter.

Audi RS7 by Wheelsandmore.

It will allow increasing the performance up to 780 «horses», thus the client’s purse will be emptied by €6,639 (562,000 rubles).

The third stage of the program (Stage 3) implies modification of intake and exhaust systems, as well as transmission and a number of other equipment.

As a result — the output of the engine will grow to 840 hp, and the cost of such tuning — up to €10,924 (925,000 rubles), and more €836 (71,000 rubles) will be paid for installation.

In the fourth stage (Stage 4) to all of the above improvements are added modified turbines and absolute pressure sensors in the manifold, which allows you to squeeze out of the «stuffing» 915 horsepower.

Audi RS7 by Wheelsandmore.

In this case the total cost of tuning will reach €16,806 (1.4 million rubles) and the company will ask €1,344 (114,000 rubles) for installation.

The cherry on the cake is the fifth stage (Stage 5) which allows squeezing impressive 980 horsepower out of the engine RS7 (1,045 «kobyls» when using racing fuel).

In other words, liftback will be even more powerful than a Bugatti Veyron hypercar. But they don’t tell anything about its dynamics.

Audi RS7 by Wheelsandmore.

You’ll be able to reach such an impressive result due to installation of unique turbines, thus you’ll have to pay €25,209 (2.1 million rubles) and another €1,261 (107,000 rubles) for installation.

Naturally, tuners from Wheelsandmore would cheat themselves if not to offer a new set of wheels for RS7.

Besides, you can order KW springs in the atelier. The cost of these options is not specified.


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