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Audi S6 2021.

Audi S6 2021.

Audi S6 2021.

Audi S6 2021: a prestigious sedan with impressive functionality.
The German brand «Audi» regularly pleases its fans by updating the most popular models in different price segments.

Not so long ago, the turn came to the prestigious sedan «S6», the first generation of which was released almost 30 years ago.

Restyling has slightly updated the car, which is already the fifth generation of the Ingolstadt premium class, making it more stylish, sporty and at the same time solid.

In addition, the 2021 Audi S6 boasts a comfortable and practical interior, as well as excellent engine compartment qualities, thanks to which the car will with honor come out of various road situations.

A harmonious design with a touch of aggressiveness will allow the new model not to get lost in the stream.


The car designers managed to create a brutal, dynamic and very bright body, which can be clearly seen in the photo.

Audi S6 2021.

At the same time, the Audi S6 2021 is perfectly identified as a representative of the brand, which is facilitated by recognizable optics, air intakes and relief. In general, the exterior of the car turned out to be very modern and harmonious.

The front part of the new body looks very interesting. It is set low, has an average length, but it seems very wide due to the huge sloping windshield and the embossed hood lid slightly inclined to the road.

In front of it, there are narrow LED swept headlights. Between them is a huge radiator grille hexagon with chrome edging, chrome-plated horizontal sipes, and a license plate area in the middle.

All this design strongly fits into the bumper, thanks to which it does not seem massive, but on the contrary — lean.

In its corners, you can find rectangular platforms with inserts for foglights, and at the bottom — a decorative skirt, the configuration of which is emphasized by a decorative chrome strip.

The profile of the sedan pleases the eye with the smooth contours of the relief and the domed roof, immediately under which there are small windows in a semicircle in a chrome frame with wide dividing struts painted in gloss black.

Audi S6 2021.

At the very bottom, the smooth relief turns into circular widened wheel arches with huge light-alloy wheels inside, as well as a skirt that stands out for its size.

The car’s stern looks very aggressive. It begins with the antenna’s «fin», immediately under which there is a large, strongly inclined glass.

The luggage compartment lid is traditionally short, but it is set high. Its rear edge is decorated with a clearly visible stamping, which improves the aerodynamic characteristics of the car.

Below, narrow but long LED side lights are visually connected by a thin chrome strip. Then a stamping under the license plate is provided, and immediately below it begins a powerful body kit with muscular transverse waves, on the crest of one of which there are thin fog lamps.

The bumper ends with an evil black-plastic insert, in which there are two oval holes for the twin trunks of the exhaust system.


The interior trim of the new 2021 Audi S6 is quite consistent with the rather big cost of the car. So, among the materials there are premium plastic, leather, as well as wood and metal inserts.

The seats will provide high comfort when moving at any distance, and the latest generation multimedia complex will not let you get bored on the road.

Audi S6 2021.

Front end decoration

The center console looks very massive and attracts attention with chrome stripes, visually dividing it into functional blocks.

In the upper part, there are stylish air ducts, as well as an instrument panel with bright tachometer and speedometer wells and a huge on-board computer in the middle.

Directly in front of it is a very comfortable D-shaped steering wheel with a lot of buttons on the side spokes.

The second level is represented by a huge touchscreen display of the entertainment complex. And immediately below it is another screen for adjusting the climate system.

The imposing, large central tunnel contains an elegant technical panel, an organizer with a place for charging mobile devices, and a chic armrest with a glove compartment, the contents of which can be heated or cooled.

Seats and trunk

The car can accommodate five people at the same time, and each seat is equipped with chic lateral support, soft filler and sheathed with excellent leather with light stitching.

The front row seats will receive heating, massage, ventilation, electric adjustment and some other pleasant functions.

Behind the passengers, there is a luxurious sofa with a folding armrest, heating and the ability to slightly adjust its position for themselves.

Audi S6 2021.

The trunk of the sedan will delight you with its spaciousness: it allows you to place 530 liters of luggage, and through simple transformations this volume can be increased by another 250 liters.


Under the hood of the 2021 Audi S6, there was a place for a six-cylinder 2.9-liter gasoline engine with twin turbocharging.

This system made it possible to achieve a return of 450 «horses». Together with the engine, an automatic machine will operate in eight steps, transmitting its efforts to all wheels.

As the test drive showed, the car will be able to accelerate to 249 kilometers per hour, and the first «hundred» will be exchanged in less than 5 seconds. At the same time, the average fuel consumption of the sedan will not exceed 9 liters per 100 kilometers.

Options and prices

The price of the only version of the car starts at 6.8 million rubles. The purchase of all additional packages possible for this configuration will increase the cost of the car by another 500 thousand units of the Russian currency.


Among the main rivals of the German for the buyer’s wallet are traditionally only representatives of Germany: Mercedes AMG E53 and BMW M550i X-Drive.

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