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Audi TT 2021.

Audi TT 2021.

Audi TT 2021.

The restyled third-generation Audi TT has been on sale since the summer of 2018, but every year the company from German Ingolstadt prepares new equipment for its compact sports car.

At the same time, the fate of the model is already known: soon it will be removed from production in order to get a successor in the form of an electric car, which would, according to the management of the company «four rings», offer «the same emotions» and «fall into the same price segment».


The updated Audi TT 2021 model year continues to lose modifications in Europe, getting rid of versions that no longer meet the ever-tightening environmental emissions standards, as well as those that are in minimal demand.

Thus, recently sports cars with manual «boxes» have been abolished and «initial» 197-horsepower modification 40 TFSI has been eliminated.

The front-drive variant of the model is the only one — 45 TFSI with a 2.0-liter engine for 245 hp, and the Quattro versions, on the contrary, have got boosted engines and some new equipment packages.


Audi TT 2021 model year retains the previous body options — convertible with a soft-top folding roof and a two-door coupe; and by possibly the last restyling in the history of the model, the car has received even more dynamic and elegant proportions.

Audi TT 2021.

The front optics have been retouched with diode modules, the body shell planes have been updated and the body has been streamlined once again, achieving less drag. In addition, as on the previous version of the sports car, the body has kept 70 percent share of aluminum parts, again without carbon fiber reinforced plastic load-bearing elements.


The Audi TT remains one of the few modern production cars in which there is no provision for the central display of the media system.

Everything you need is ready to display a multifunctional 12.3-inch screen of the virtual «dashboard», the modes of which can be controlled with the buttons on the steering wheel.

Audi TT 2021.

The central place on the front console is given to three round air vents.

Raised to the front panel, a central tunnel makes it very easy to access the lever transmission, and complements the appearance of «sports» cockpit characteristic «puffy» multitudinals with beveled at the bottom of the circle of the rim.

Technically the coupe can still accommodate four people, but the narrow rear seat is more suitable except for luggage and packages from the mall.

Audi TT 2021.

Technical specifications and contents

The most accessible in the line of options updated Audi TT 2021 now is a front-drive version 45 TFSI with a 2.0 motor (245 hp), a robotized «box» S tronic and adaptive suspension.

Cars with two driving axles can get 306- and 400-horsepower turbo engines, and for special Audi TTS Competition Plus model a two-liter engine is forced to 320 hp.

The most powerful engine is put on the TT RS modification — this is a 2.5-liter five-cylinder engine, allowing acceleration to 100 km/h for 3.3 seconds.

Audi TT 2021.

The usual coupe and roadster have more modest figures: 4.5 and 4.8 seconds.

Minimum equipment includes four airbags, heated front seats, air conditioning, two electric windows, virtual instrument cluster, LED lighting, 17-inch alloy wheels, rain and light sensors, audio package, adaptive suspension and so on.

Audi TT: prices and will it come back to Russia?

The TT model left the Russian market in 2019 without any promises to return. In connection with the abolition of the project, potential buyers of the compact sports car have very little time left: to buy the current version is still possible in the United States and Germany, where for the coupe are asked from 36.5 thousand euros, and for the roadster — not less than 38.9 thousand.

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