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Aurus Senat S600 2021.

Aurus Senat S600 2021.

Aurus Senat S600 2021.

Aurus Senat is the first executive class car, created by the specialists of the domestic FSUE «NAMI», together with Sollers.

The sedan is one of the models included in the Cortege project. Such cars are intended, first of all, for the movement of top officials of the state.

For the first time Aurus Senat appeared in public in May 2018, when the inauguration of the President of Russia took place. Later, a limousine was created on the basis of Senat, and now an SUV and a minibus are being developed.

Aurus Senat in the basic version is estimated at 18 million rubles. The model is a worthy competitor to famous premium cars such as Mercedes-Maybach, Rolls-Royce and Bentley Continental.


The largest number of improvements were made to the front end of the body. It will become clearer and more angular.

Aurus Senat S600 2021. First of all, the 2021-2022 Aurus Senate will receive an updated, narrower head optics with exclusively LED filling. In addition, the radiator grille will be reduced and the shape of the air intake will change.

Another innovation is that fog lights will be installed in the upper bumper niches. All of these changes are in perfect harmony with the significantly lengthened bonnet line.

This effect was achieved by changing the angle of the front struts.

On the side, the restyled version will also be different. The new door arrangement stands out here.

Judging by the location of the outer handles, they will open in the same way as the Rolls-Royce Phantom.

Aurus Senat S600 2021.

In profile, the sedan began to look stricter, thanks to the predominance of clear lines and the absence of any stampings on the hardware.

Here you can also note the turn signal repeaters placed on the front fenders (by the way, they have become slightly smaller than that of their predecessor).

And besides this, the new Aurus Senate 2021-2022 will receive an underestimated «landing».

The main innovation that the designers have endowed with the rear of the updated car is its shape. The restyled version has evolved from a standard sedan into a modern liftback, as the tailgate will open along with the larger rear window.

Aurus Senat S600 2021.

The shape of the rear lights has also changed, which have become narrower and visually unite the fenders and the luggage compartment lid.

The new Senate has lost decorative inserts above the license plate and rear bumper. The trapezoidal tailpipes of the exhaust system are no longer recessed into the body, but are located directly under the bottom.


There is no reason to expect any significant changes in the design and equipment of the premium Aurus Senat 2021-2022 interior.

The current version of the car is already equipped with various systems, and the level of passenger comfort is maximum.

Aurus Senat S600 2021.

But it is possible that by the time production starts, the new product will receive a more modern multimedia system and an expanded list of security assistants.


Under the hood of the current version of the sedan, a 4.4-liter hybrid turbo engine is installed, which was created by Russian engineers together with Porsche specialists.

Therefore, it is not necessary to expect that the developer will refuse to use it. Most likely, the new Aurus Senate 2021-2022 will be equipped with a similar system.

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