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BAIC BJ80 2023.

BAIC BJ80 2023.

BAIC BJ80 2023.

The BAIC BJ80 2023 for 5.6 million rubles is on sale: it is a budget Chinese Gelandwagen.

At the moment there is a «Chinese Gelandwagen» for sale on the portal. We are talking about off-road vehicle BAIC BJ80, which externally is very similar to the Mercedes G-Class.

However, the similarity with the «German» is only external, while the difference between these two models is visible to the naked eye: «The Chinese model noticeably loses out to the original in quality of trim materials.

In general, the interior of the BJ80 for sale is not poor, and all necessary comfort options are available.

Well and in motion off-road truck leads a 3.0-liter gasoline turbo V6 engine.

This unit produces 280 hp and works with an automatic transmission.

The vehicle has a four-wheel drive. In China, a similar set of units is used top version of the model, which can run up to 180 km/h.

The announcement says this is a copy of the «80» model of 2022 with zero mileage.

However, the seller does not have the car — he is ready to bring it to order.

BAIC BJ80 2023.

The question price is quite respectable 5,580,000 roubles, but it is still much cheaper than a real GELIK.

A new German SUV will cost 20-35 million rubles, and a used one (two years old) is not cheaper than 12,0 million in Russia.

Chinese carmaker BAIC, creating a car very similar to the well-known Helic, did not skimp on the technical component.

BAIC BJ80 2023.

The novelty is a full-fledged frame SUV, which on top of that has all the necessary options, providing high comfort during operation.

BAIC BJ80 2023, brought by parallel imports into Russia, put up for sale.

Like many other new products that have recently joined the local car market, it arrived in the country in circumvention of sanctions.

If we talk about the features of this model, it is not easy to find differences from the original in terms of appearance.

This is especially true for cars BAIC BJ80, painted in black.

BAIC BJ80 2023.

The only thing is that the quality of materials is not the best, which can be seen even in the photo.

But the cost of this car is much lower than the «Gelendwagen».

And we are talking about an SUV with zero mileage in 2022. BAIC BJ80 is equipped with a 280-horsepower gasoline engine with six cylinders.

The working volume of the power unit is 3 liters. The maximum torque is 420 Nm.

BAIC BJ80 2023.

Transmission is equipped with an 8-ACP, a transfer case, a hard-switchable front axle and electronic simulation of interwheel locks.

Drive is available on both axles. Top speed is 180 km/h.

It is noted that the SUV is equipped with a top range engine and all the necessary comfort options. The cabin is designed for five people.

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