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BAIC X35 2023.

BAIC X35 2023.

BAIC X35 2023.

Chinese BAIC X35 SUVs assembled in Russia since May 2023 can be found in branded car dealerships.

Industrial assembly of foreign cars BAIC X35, which have been produced since last month at the facilities of the Avtotor car plant in Kaliningrad, began to be brought to car dealers.

At the moment, the first batches of these machines are equipped with «mechanics» at a price of 1 million 698 thousand 900 rubles.

Versions with automatic transmission were estimated from 1 million 750 thousand rubles. They will be on sale from May 15 in branded car dealerships.

According to the reaction of «RG», the model will be sold in four versions: Fashion A, Fashion, Fashion Plus and Luxury.

The most affordable version has LED optics, air conditioning, an ABS unit, an electric handbrake, airbags for front passengers, rear parking assistants with a rear-view camera, electronic mirror drive, 16-inch molding, a multimedia system with 8 inch screen and four speakers.

Under the hood is a one and a half liter gasoline unit. In tandem with the manual transmission, he squeezes out 116 “horses”.

BAIC X35 2023.

With a CVT gearbox, it generates 150 horsepower. The drive relies exclusively on the front.

Russian dealers have already received Chinese BAIC X35 crossovers assembled in Kaliningrad.

According to the publication «RG», the BAIC X35 2023 is now available on the «mechanics» at a price of 1.69 million rubles.

BAIC X35 2023.

From the middle of this month, cars with a CVT will be available for purchase, which are estimated at 1.75 million rubles.

Crossovers from BAIC roll off the assembly line of the Russian Avtotor plant.

The X35 model is offered for purchase in 4 trim levels to choose from: Fashion A, Fashion, Fashion Plus and Luxury.

BAIC X35 2023.

As power units, an “atmospheric” and a turbo engine of the same volume — 1.5 liters are provided.

The return of the first is 116 hp. — it is combined with a manual transmission, the second — 150 hp In the latter case, the variator is involved.

BAIC X35 2023.

For all modifications, a front-wheel drive system is provided. BAIC X35 has a decent level of equipment already in the «base».

In particular, an 8-inch multimedia screen, LED optics, air conditioning, rear parking sensors, 16-inch alloy wheels, etc. are provided.

Until the end of 2023, 7 models of the Chinese brand will be officially presented on the Russian market.

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