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Benltey Arnage.

Benltey Arnage.

Benltey Arnage.

Bentley Arnage with giant ground clearance and all-wheel drive is being sold in Russia.
Bentley SUV stuffed by Toyota and Nissan was made in St. Petersburg.

Benltey Arnage was converted into an SUV: now it has risen in price several times.

Some time ago, the St. Petersburg car workshop «Jagger Garage» from the OffRoadSPB Youtube channel modified the 1999 Bentley Arnage executive sedan, turning it into a full-fledged SUV.

Now the unusual modification is up for sale. It is reported that for the construction of such a car, the tuners used a homemade chassis, in which Japanese units and components from Nissan and Toyota models were used.

Benltey Arnage.

In fact, only the body and interior remained from the British four-door, while the rest of the components were replaced.

Outside, this Bentley Arnage is notable for giant ground clearance and 37-inch off-road wheels, although initially the modifications relied on 42-inch tires.

Benltey Arnage.

To install such large rollers, the tuners had to widen the wheel arches. To facilitate landing in such a high cabin, the developers installed footpegs on the four-door.

Of the innovations in the cabin, it is worth noting the appearance of mechanical switches (to the left of the steering column).The St. Petersburg tuners designed the frame for the SUV on their own from stainless steel, while abandoning the original 6.75-liter V8 turbo engine in favor of the Toyota 3UZ-FE unit.

The motor received a pair of turbines, as a result of which its output was increased to 400 hp. The standard British automatic transmission was replaced by a five-speed Aisin transmission.

In turn, the razdatka was borrowed from the Toyota Surf, and the driveshafts from the Land Cruiser Prado.

Benltey Arnage.

The suspension components (shock absorbers, axles, springs and suspension arms), as well as the steering gear, were inherited from the Nissan Patrol Y61.

The brake pads also migrated from the latter. Jagger Garage specialists conducted several off-road excursions on the unusual Arnage, during which the modification proved to be exceptionally good.

Moreover, if the car gets bogged down somewhere, it will be possible to pull it out using the Master Winch 12,000 electric winch.

Sell ​​the Bentley Arnage SUV on the Avito portal.

The announcement says that the car currently has a range of 86,000 km, and before the alteration, it managed to change six owners.

Benltey Arnage.

As for the price, the seller wants to bail out 8 million rubles for such a sedan, while it is not known whether the changes made to the car’s design were taken into account in the TCP.

Note that an ordinary first-generation Arnage can be purchased for about 1.5 million rubles.

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