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Bentley Bentayga 2021.

Bentley Bentayga 2021

Bentley Bentayga 2021.

Bentley Bentayga 2021: a crossover of the highest level.
Crossovers are becoming more and more popular every year, no matter what price category they belong to. Especially strong competition has recently formed in the premium segment, which includes the Bentley brand with its Bentayga model. To stay at the top, the company often restyles its only crossover. The next update was shown to the world not so long ago.

The new model will change quite a lot in appearance, receiving parts from both the Continental GT and the Flying Spur. The crossover has also changed inside, where the buyer expects a mass of premium finishing materials, as well as a huge variety of modern equipment that greatly increases the level of comfort. But the characteristics of the Bentley Bentayga 2021 will be exactly the same as those of the pre-styling version.

Bentley Bentayga 2021


As mentioned earlier, the car has changed quite a lot on the outside, having received many decorations from other representatives of the lineup. The new body has retained its large dimensions, but the main elements now look somewhat different here. In the photo you can see a whole bunch of relief, which has both stepped and wavy appearance, slightly altered optics, large and very aggressive air intake systems, a bunch of chrome inserts, more stylish wheels, and many other interesting details.

The front end of the crossover exudes the most aggression here. It takes up a lot of space, because a rather large engine is hidden under the hood. Also, the muzzle has a high seating position, and to slightly improve visibility for the driver, they also added a tilt to it. Decorations here can be seen already on the bonnet, which is covered with a light relief that takes a wave-like shape.

Bentley Bentayga 2021

At the end of the lid there is a Bentley brand badge. Behind the hood, there is a large air intake grille, which has a rectangular shape. It will be slightly recessed into the body, and will also receive a very thin chrome frame. A very fine mesh inside will also be painted in chrome. The head optics, represented by a pair of lenses on each side, which take on an oval shape and differ in size, bring even more aggression to the look of the car. Only LED lights are used to fill the headlights, even in the basic configuration.

Bentley Bentayga 2021.

The body kit also looks aggressive here, for which a lot of space is allocated. Most of its area is occupied by additional air intakes, which are necessary both for cooling the engine and for air access to the brake system. In addition to grilles with a fine mesh, differing from each other in size and shape, here you can see a platform for mounting a license plate, recesses on the sides for foglights, as well as decorative chrome lines.

The profile of the car also added to the aggression, but it still looks solid. Still, from above, you can observe a traditional shape, which is filled with windows. They will be internally divided into parts by thin body struts, which have a glossy black paint, and their perimeter will be made of chrome. Rear-view mirrors, which have got an almost triangular shape, are also located at the same level with the glass. Also, they will always be supplemented with repeaters of turn signals.

Bentley Bentayga 2021

Further, the body will be able to boast of various reliefs in large quantities, decorative chrome inserts just above the front wheels, wheel arch extensions, bulging sills, as well as very bright large discs.

The car also looks different from behind. The design of this part of the car begins with a slightly sloping visor, under which a large window flaunts. This is followed by the main part of the tailgate, filled with relief transitions in height, drop-shaped overall optics, chrome nameplates and other small decorations. The bumper ends with a body kit that includes air intakes, a license plate area, a glossy black diffuser and a pair of large exhaust pipes.


Since this is a premium crossover, only the best can be expected inside. That is why the new Bentley Bentayga 2021 model year will be finished with natural leather, various types of wood, Alcantara and aluminum. Multimedia has noticeably improved here, which already in the basic configuration amazes everyone with its capabilities.

There are now quite a few parts on the dashboard of the car. It all starts with a row of deflectors, which is complemented by an analog watch face. Next is the large touchscreen monitor of the multimedia system, followed by several panels that are filled with analog and touch buttons with washers.

The transition from the torpedo to the tunnel is made in the form of a small depression for storing things. The tunnel itself received a small technical panel, cup holders with a heating or cooling function, and an armrest with another glove compartment inside.

All four or five seats in the car provide passengers with a high level of comfort. It is achieved with the help of genuine leather trim, numerous adjustments to the position of both the seat and the support on the sides, ventilation, heating, massage and other options.

At the back, you can also find separate climate control, multimedia, a bunch of organizers and other premium functionality.

Bentley Bentayga 2021


Under the hood of the 2021 Bentley Bentayga is a four-liter petrol unit with 550 horsepower.

It will be assisted by an eight-speed automatic transmission that transfers all efforts to four wheels. Soon there will be another version with an engine for 608 forces, a diesel four-liter unit for 435 forces, as well as a hybrid with a capacity of 462 forces.

Options and prices

The starting price of the car is 145 thousand pounds.
Release date in Russia
So far, there is no information about when the start of sales in Russia will begin.


Rolls-Royce Cullinan and Range Rover CBA remain competitors of the car. A little later, the domestic Aurus Commandant will also be added to them.

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