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Bentley Continental GT Mulliner 2021.

Bentley Continental GT Mulliner 2021.

Bentley Continental GT Mulliner 2021.

This rare and exclusive vehicle combines luxury with refined details, expertly crafted to the highest standards. The Continental GT Mulliner is handcrafted in Bentley Mulliner, the world’s oldest and most renowned automotive body shop.

Designed by eminent engineers and experts at the Crewe plant, this model combines the sleek Superforming body of the Continental GT with the choice of a V8 or W12 * engine.

Maximum individuality will be provided by an expanded selection of additional features and trims that make this benchmark of ultra-luxury cars in the Gran Turismo class even more special.


Each piece of the Continental GT Mulliner is handcrafted; every smallest detail of the car amazes with its perfection.

The instrument panel in Grand Black veneer features a car silhouette graphic. It is not only a symbol of his exclusivity within the Bentley lineup, but also a charming detail that instantly catches the eye.

Bentley Continental GT Mulliner 2021.

The chrome Bentley “B” lettering on the mid-section moldings and the all-new hi-tech diamond-grooved center console are exclusive to the Continental GT Mulliner.

The interior of the Continental GT Mulliner has been carefully crafted by the experts and craftsmen of Bentley Mulliner and is available in eight exclusive seat and trim colors, each based on a unique combination of three colors.

To create this mesmerizing palette, we were inspired by the details of the world around us — from luxurious French fabrics to prestigious sports fields.

Bentley Continental GT Mulliner 2021.

The Cambric colorway, for example, includes leather in Beluga Black and Linen Beige with a subtle Gold accent.

This color combination is reminiscent of the summer spent in the south of France. The Pavilion solution is no less impressive.

Inspired by cricket gear, it is a mix of burgundy Cricketball and beige Linen, accented with Silver accent and tonal stitching.

This color accent deepens the character of the Continental GT Mulliner and underlines the exceptional attention to detail and craftsmanship.

Bentley Continental GT Mulliner 2021.


Exclusive Bentley Mulliner trims, such as signature fender vents, further enhance the sculptural bodywork of the Continental GT Mulliner, signaling its high status as a collector’s item.

The Superforming body lines create a sense of speed that is enhanced by the Satin Silver mirror caps.

The result is a sophisticated two-tone design that draws everyone’s attention to the car’s elegant yet powerful appearance.


The choice of power for your vehicle is now in your hands thanks to two engines: the agile V8 engine with Bentley’s signature emotive exhaust system or the unmatched temperamental W12 * in its class.

V8 accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in 4.0 seconds; its top speed is 318 km / h.

The breathtaking W12 can accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 3.7 seconds, with a top speed reaching a dizzying 333 km / h. Whichever engine you choose, you can rest assured of flawless handling and smooth acceleration in all conditions.

The optional carbon ceramic brakes with black or red calipers ensure powerful deceleration in every driving situation.

Bentley Continental GT Mulliner 2021.

The most luxurious Continental GT in the range’s history is equipped with Bentley Dynamic Ride as standard.

Lateral roll when cornering is instantly suppressed by an intelligent 48-volt system to ensure maximum traction.

This allows for the highest in the class driving comfort and exceptional handling, which will be appreciated by both the driver and passengers.

Another benefit of the 48-volt system is its quiet, instant response, powerful enough to tackle any type of road surface.

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