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BMW 1 Series 2021.

BMW 1 series 2021.

BMW 1 Series 2021.

BMW 1 Series 2021: The third generation of the popular premium hatchback.

At the beginning of 2020, BMW successfully announced a new version of the five-door hatchback BMW 1 series 2021 with radical updates to the appearance, interior interior and traction and speed parameters of power units.

In the third generation, the new model with the F40 index will delight you with a modified body design, an expanded list of original technical and technological solutions.

The «one» that has gone through a deep restyling demonstrates:

• elements of the external layout and technical equipment copied from older models;

• status-appropriate avionics characteristics and effective road safety systems;

• branded profiling and ergonomics of all five seats.


In the photo and video footage, the 2021 BMW 1 series attracts increased attention with sculpted, muscular bonnet profiles, decorated with chrome-plated vertical sipes of the branded radiator grille and an elegant configuration of full-LED front optics units.

The lower segment of the elongated and visually massive front end includes a ribbed bumper profile and a standard set of large-format air intakes supplemented with LED lights.

BMW 1 series 2021.

From the side view, the new body looks very stylish, expressive and presentable. In sight:

• gently sloping aerodynamic parabola of the domed roof;

• silver outline and black contrasting gloss of window pillars;

• modern mirrors equipped with duplicate turn signals;

• a moderate amount of stepped and wavy relief concentrated on the doors, as well as the contours of the wheel arches.

The design features of the new items include an elongated hood and a vertical edge of a compact tailgate, a standard list of external attachments and off-road clearance.

The overall ambience is complemented by an exclusive pattern of 18-inch heavy-duty off-road wheels.

The rear of the vehicle has the characteristic features of a European crossover design. In stock:

• sharp rounded edge of the spoiler lip;

• gentle angle of inclination of the panoramic window;

• a compact tailgate decorated with a logo, transverse embossed profiles.

In the standard configuration of the rear of the BMW 1 series 2021 hatchback, a pair of multifunctional lights, equipped with fog lamps, a massive bumper, a protective body kit and a large caliber of two exhaust pipes looks stylish.

BMW 1 series 2021.


The layout of the five-seater saloon, the ergonomics of the seats, the arrangement of the main and auxiliary controls correspond to the traditional corporate standards.

Another upgrade made minor changes to the instrumentation and expanded the range of finishing and decorating materials.

The interior uses different versions of genuine leather, decorated plastic and polished aluminum inserts.

• The design of the sports multifunction steering wheel supplemented with command buttons provides a complete overview of the combined analog-digital instrument panel, supplemented by an informative computer monitor.

• The center console of the block type, deployed to the driver’s seat, includes a portable media-command tablet, a package of air deflectors, as well as a remote control with mechanical activators for components of functional and comfort-forming options.

The tunnel offers a well for small items, a standard list of organizers and a comfortable armrest with a spacious extra glove compartment or mini-fridge.

Taking into account the modification, the new body is equipped with comfortable, well-profiled and ergonomic seats with a typical set of service options or sports bucket seats with full lumbar-lateral support.

BMW 1 series 2021.

The five-seat status of a comfortable cabin can be considered conditional with good reason. The subject of much criticism is the rear sofa, which can accommodate two adult riders with nominal comfort. A high enough ceiling does not compensate for the lack of legroom.

The luggage compartment can take cargo with a volume of up to 360 liters. Laying the backrest allows this figure to be increased to 1200 liters.

External dimensions of the hatchback in the ratio D-W-V, 4329 x 1765 and 1440 mm, determine its belonging to the cars of the «Golf» class.


The undercarriage with a base of 2690 mm and a ground clearance of 140 mm is adapted to the layout and design features of the modernized platform of the FAAR series.

• Comfort of overcoming problem areas of the road surface is provided by MacPherson strut suspension of the front axle and multi-link — rear axle.

• The chassis assets include efficient operation of lateral stabilizers, disc brakes, electronic assistants and security systems.

BMW 1 series 2021.

The engine range is represented by three turbocharged gasoline engines, ranging from 1.6 to 3 liters, with parameters: 136 hp / 220 Nm, 177 hp / 250 Nm and 326 hp / 450 Nm of peak thrust .

The traction potential of the power units of the entire engine range is realized by an 8-band rear-wheel or all-wheel drive automatic transmission.

A multidisciplinary test drive confirmed the time to reach the first «hundred square meters» 8.7-7.2 and 4.7 seconds, the maximum speed in the range from 210 to 250 km / h, as well as the nominal fuel consumption for each engine.

Options and prices

In the third generation, the BMW 1 Series 2021 is announced by the manufacturer in several modifications, costing from 1.7 to 2.5 million Russian rubles.

It is possible that the price of a particular model will be adjusted in one direction or another.

Sales start in Russia

According to the dealer structures, the release date in Russia planned for the third quarter will be implemented within the specified time frame without additional conditions.


The new 2021 BMW 1 Series inherited an extensive list of rivals even before it left the assembly line.

The top lines are occupied by similar developments of other world brands: Audi A3, Honda Insight, Ford Focus.

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