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BMW 128tii 2021.

BMW 128tii 2021.

BMW 128tii 2021.

Dahler turned their attention to the BMW 128ti hot hatch.

The hot hatch BMW 128ti from the factory pleases with good performance, but Dahler still decided to modify the Bavarian five-door. They named the resulting modification «128tii» (Turismo Internazionale Iniezione).

Outside, the tuners installed a new front splitter, which made the model more aggressive. Plus, the car got a large wing on the roof, and its body is now decorated with a «sports» silver stripe.

The hatchback also received 20-inch forged wheels, which are noticeably lighter than standard ones. They are “shod” in 245/30 Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S tires.

BMW 128tii 2021.

Inside, there are aluminum pedals and new floor mats. In addition, the company has changed the seat upholstery. The main forces were thrown into forcing the power unit.

Recall that the stock front-wheel drive Bavarian hot-hatch is equipped with a 2.0-liter «turbo four» with a capacity of 265 hp. and 400 Nm.

However, Dahler specialists changed the software settings and installed a new stainless steel exhaust system, which increased the engine output to 313 forces and 500 Nm of torque.

There is still no information on the dynamic characteristics of the modification, while it is known that the car was additionally equipped with an adjustable coilover suspension.

BMW 128tii 2021.

But the tuners did not change the brakes — according to them, the standard mechanisms are quite enough even for the forced version.

It is known that the modification of the BMW 128tii from Dahler will be released in a limited edition, but its cost is not advertised in the atelier.

The custom BMW 128tii from dÄhler is not only beautiful but also powerful.

The new 128ti 2021 hot hatch from Bavarian manufacturer BMW has brought the model suffix ti back to life, which stands for Turismo Internazionale.

BMW 128tii 2021.

However, fans of international tourism should take a closer look at the version from the dÄhler Competition studio: it is even more stylish and powerful.

At the center of the transformation is the factory two-liter «turbo four», which usually produces about 270 liters. from. and 400 Nm of thrust.

Thanks to chip tuning and the installation of a new stainless steel exhaust system with active valves and ceramic tailpipes, the output is brought to 317 hp. from. and 500 Nm.

To maintain handling at the proper level, the company suggests lowering the suspension with adjustable springs, and replacing the discs with an ultra-light forged model measuring 20×8 inches.

BMW 128tii 2021.

The brake system is not advised to touch: it is already reliable enough.

The project is completed by purely stylistic touches — an aggressive air divider, a roof wing and a silver stripe-sticker on the body.

Among the new products in the cabin, we note the upholstery of the seats, aluminum pedals and branded floor mats.

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