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BMW 2-Series G42 2022.

BMW 2-Series G42 2022.

BMW 2-Series G42 2022.

BMW 2-Series G42 2022: a two-door in the new G42 body is presented At the beginning of July twenty-first year, the Germans declassified the new generation BMW 2-Series 2022 coupe in the G42 body.

Interestingly, the two-door was made in the fresh corporate style of the Bavarian brand. Outside, the car attracts attention with a rather restrained and sometimes even classic exterior design.

The developers were able to achieve this through the use of other bumpers and lighting equipment.

As conceived by the designers, the shape of the compact headlights of the new BMW 2-Series 2022 should resemble the classic BMW 1602 model, produced in the sixties.

At the same time, the head optics are already in the base LED, and matrix optics are available for a surcharge.

The Germans refused to use giant «nostrils», so the branded two-section radiator grille is made in a more familiar style.

Curiously, its vertical slats are a kind of blinds and can be closed if the electronics considers that the cooling system does not need additional help.

BMW 2-Series G42 2022.

As for the bumpers, they have now become more faceted on the «two», and in cars with an M-body kit, the front one also has catchy side air intakes made in the form of triangles.

It is reported that these changes in appearance have improved the aerodynamics of the car. According to the developers, the downforce on the front axle has been doubled.

The interior of the BMW 2-series G42 coupe has become more spacious, but decorated without frills.

In the initial configuration, the car has an analog tidy and an OS7 multimedia system with an 8.8-inch display. Plus, a compact climate control panel, familiar from other modern models of the Bavarian brand, is installed here.

BMW 2-Series G42 2022.

The last one in the database is three-zone. For a surcharge for the car, you can order a 12.3-inch virtual tidy and a 10.25-inch multimedia display.

Other options worth mentioning are the projection screen and the panoramic roof, which has been increased by 20%.

The two-door interior is also characterized by the presence of sports front seats. The back row of the model is exclusively two-seater, although the back of the sofa is divided here in a ratio of 40:20:40.

The new body of the BMW 2-Series (G42) is based on the shortened chassis of the older 4-Series (G22).

The coupe has a classic rear-wheel drive layout and boasts almost perfect axle weight distribution. It is reported that with the change of generations, body rigidity has increased by 12%.

BMW 2-Series G42 2022.

Compared to its predecessor, the new «two» has become somewhat larger: its length has grown to 4,537 mm (+ 105), and the wheelbase — to 2,741 mm (+ 51).

Plus, the car has become somewhat wider — 1,838 mm (+ 64), but slightly lower — 1,390 mm (+ 28). Also, the track has grown in the car, and in the basic version it is 54 and 31 mm at the front and rear, respectively.

The boot volume has not changed and is still 390 liters, although its loading height has decreased by 35 mm.

BMW 2-Series 2022 in a new body will enter the market in four versions.

For the basic version 220i, a 2.0-liter petrol «turbo four» with a capacity of 184 hp is announced, and on the 230i modification the same engine is boosted to 245 hp.

As an alternative, a two-liter diesel engine with 190 hp is proposed, which is equipped with a modification of the 220d.

BMW 2-Series G42 2022.

Note that this unit comes with a 48-volt starter-generator that adds 11 more forces. It helps in the first seconds of acceleration, and also acts as a «start-stop» system.

For the listed versions, only rear-wheel drive has been announced so far, and the all-wheel drive transmission is only assigned to the flagship version of the BMW M240i xDrive.

Under the hood, there is a 3.0-liter inline six, which develops 374 forces (500 Nm). For comparison, a similar version of its predecessor is 34 «horses» weaker, although it has the same torque.

The most powerful version of the coupe is equipped by default with a rear differential lock, which is also offered for the 230i version at an additional cost.

It takes 4.3 seconds (- 0.1) to accelerate from zero to hundreds. The maximum speed is traditionally limited by electronics to 250 km / h.

All of these modifications are equipped with an eight-speed automatic, and the Germans completely abandoned the manual transmission.

In the base, the two-door has a standard suspension with amplitude-dependent shock absorbers, and for a surcharge, you can order an M-suspension with adaptive electronically controlled shock absorbers.

Interestingly, the new BMW 2-Series G42 will not be produced in Germany, but at the Mexican plant in San Luis Potosi, which the Germans opened in 1919.

Sales of the model are planned for the beginning of 2022, two modifications will be offered in Russia — the price of the 220d version was from 3,370,000 rubles, and for the M240i xDrive, at least 4,590,000 rubles will have to be paid.

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