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BMW 3 Series 2016.

BMW 3 Series 2016.

BMW 3 Series 2016.

Exciting car for young people. Machine-emotion, the car-holiday, the car is a dream. This list hopes the audience places on the top-end version of the updated BMW 3 Series in 2016.

BMW 3 Series 2016
Germany is famous not only delicious bratwurst with beer, the majestic Gothic cathedral, but reliable cars like the BMW 3 Series 2016.

Slightly updated version was presented in Munich. Externally, it is difficult to say which parts of the body have been modernized. Front headlights gaze hungry «predator», have been slightly retouched, and the front bumper was almost imperceptible changes in the shape of the lower air intake and a pair of convex «cheeks» on the sides.

Sports profile with dynamic lines, decorated with stamped tonkospitsevye sills and wheels 18 inches. Behind clearly visible new pryadok placing diodes in the L-shaped headlights.

Wide bumper with relief brackets decorated with a pair of stainless steel pipes of the exhaust system.
BMW 3 Series 2016.

BMW 3 Series 2016....

Inside, most of the finishes like sports seats, decorative inserts made of aluminum and glossy black plastic «migrated» from the Sport Line package.

Separately it is necessary to pay for such a rarity in modern cars like the handbrake. The center console looks pretty harmonious.

Entertainment and navigation «in charge» of 8.8-dyuymvy display with iDrive controller.

Do not forget to BMW for rear passengers is now legroom is a bit more due to the special shape of the front seats.

Optionally, the BMW 3 Series can be equipped with a parallel parking system, a projection screen on the windshield and a wide range of security systems.
BMW 3 Series 2016..
Under the hood is a top, BMW 340i will be installed 3.0-liter I6 engine to 326 hp power and torque of 450 Nm.

This will allow the vehicle to accelerate in 5.0 seconds to the first hundred.

Work the engine will be mated to a 6-speed manual or 8-speed automatic ZF. In both cases, the model will get a rear-wheel drive.

During the ride the driver will feel the steering is sporty and appreciate the excellent work of the adaptive M sport suspension, which was slightly altered.
BMW 3 Series 2016...
In Russia, the price of the updated BMW 3 Series 2016 model year will start with a mark of 1.599 million rubles.




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