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BMW 4-Series 2021.

BMW 4-Series 2021.

BMW 4-Series 2021.

2021 BMW 4-Series: the new G22 coupe.
BMW continues to rapidly renew its lineup.

We did not have time to study in detail the BMW 5-Series G30 and BMW 6-Series GT presented a week ago, as the Bavarians rolled out another novelty — the BMW 4-Series 2021 coupe. it turned out to be seriously different from the base model both in design and technique.

However, this fact is not at all surprising, because the sports coupe format by default assumes a higher level of road aggression, which means that it is simply impossible to do without modifications to the chassis and power frame.

However, the developers went further, adding here also a new body design.
The start of sales of the BMW 4 Series 2021 is scheduled for October this year.

It is important for us that the novelty will arrive in Russia and will be offered in four modifications. The prices are as follows:

• BMW 420i — from RUB 3,130,000;
• BMW 420d — from RUB 3,150,000;
• BMW 420d xDrive — from RUB 3,290,000;
• BMW M440i xDrive — from RUB 4,550,000.

BMW 4-Series 2021.

Exterior appearance of the BMW 4 G22

The highlight of the updated coupe of the fourth series is the configuration of the radiator grille, which is atypical for most models of the brand.

Branded «nostrils» are strongly extended in height, almost reaching the bottom edge of the bumper. As a result, the architecture of the air intakes has radically changed, and the general expression of the «face» of the two-door has accordingly become completely different.

A lot of improvements were made in the aft part. For example, the Hofmeister bend has practically disappeared, and the rear optics have acquired a different pattern in the style of the BMW 8-Series Gran Coupe.

At the same time, the characteristic profile with dynamic proportions and muscular shoulder area has been preserved, so that the expression characteristic of the model has not gone anywhere and seems to have even intensified.

External sensations are supported by excellent aerodynamic characteristics of the body: in almost all versions, the coefficient of resistance to incoming currents is 0.25. Only the M440i xDrive variant with a Cd of 0.29 stands out.

BMW 4-Series 2021.

With the M Sport package, the new BMW 4 Series Coupé is significantly transformed. Large side air intakes appear in the front bumper, a compact spoiler appears on the boot lid, and a sports diffuser and trapezoidal exhaust pipes instead of round ones in the rear bumper.

Most of the elements get a black glossy color.

Having changed the generation, the BMW Quartet has significantly grown in size.

The increase in body length was 130 mm, in width — 27 mm, in height — 6 mm. As a result, the model now has dimensions of 4768x1852x1383 mm with a wheelbase of 2851 mm. The distance between the axles, by the way, also increased — by 41 mm.

Interior and equipment

The front of the cabin, with the exception of the door cards, on the new BMW 4 is exactly the same as on the third series.

As standard, the model is equipped with LED headlights, a media center with an 8.8-inch display, a dashboard with a 5.1-inch screen in the middle, front seats with a retractable belt feed mechanism, three-zone climate control, a rain sensor and a speakerphone system.

The list of options includes adaptive optics with laser high beams, a multimedia complex with a 10.25-inch screen, a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster, a head-up display, electric folding mirrors, a large panoramic roof, automatic trunk lid control, Harman Kardon speakers with 16 speakers and a seven-channel amplifier with a power of 464 watts.

Also in the asset of the new BMW 4 Series is a mass of assisting electronics that constantly monitor the space around the car and give tips when performing maneuvers.

Of the most interesting assistance systems, we note active navigation (helps to rebuild when leaving multi-lane roads), the function of forming an emergency lane (creates a corridor for emergency vehicles), three-dimensional visualization of the environment indicating the location of nearby vehicles (potentially dangerous objects are highlighted).

BMW 4-Series 2021.

The layout of the rear compartment of the Quartet has changed slightly during the modernization. The sofa here is still molded for two riders, but there is a little more knee room.

At the same time, the boot volume increased by 30 liters and amounted to 440 liters. Long items can be stowed in the cargo compartment with the individually folding backrests (proportions 40:20:40).

Specifications of the 2021 BMW 4-Series

The model with the G22 index received a reinforced body with additional struts that provide high frame rigidity.

The center of gravity relative to the 3 Series sedan has been reduced by 21 mm and the rear track has been widened by 23 mm.

The ideal weight distribution is achieved — 50:50. However, the weight has grown compared to the previous generation — the all-wheel drive modification of the BMW 420d xDrive, for example, is 110 kg heavier (up to 1670 kg).

BMW 4-Series 2021.

A complete set of versions of the BMW 4 Series looks like this:

• BMW 420i — 2.0 liter engine (184 hp, 300 Nm);
• BMW 430i — 2.0 liters (258 hp, 400 Nm);
• BMW M440i xDrive — 3.0-liter inline-six (374 hp, 500 Nm), acceleration to “hundred” 4.5 seconds;
• BMW 420d / 420d xDrive — 2.0 liter diesel engine (190 HP, 400 Nm);
• BMW 430d xDrive — 3.0 liter diesel «six» (286 hp, 650 Nm);
• BMW M440d xDrive — 3.0 liters (340 hp, 700 Nm), acceleration 4.7 seconds.

Hybrid superstructure with 48-volt starter-generator adding 11 hp when accelerating, it relies on the «older» petrol modification M440i xDrive and all diesel versions.

The transmission is a standard 8-speed «automatic» Steptronic or optional Steptronic Sport with Sprint function.

Progressive steering, adaptive suspension and electronically locked rear differential are available at a surcharge.

The two most powerful six-cylinder diesel variants will go on sale in spring 2021.

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