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BMW 7-Series 2023.

BMW 7-Series 2023.

BMW 7-Series 2023.

Apparently, BMW is now actively experimenting with the appearance of its models.

At first it was manifested in the fact that a few sports cars have received a huge radiator grille.

And many admirers of the Bavarian brand criticized this design decision. But BMW seems not to pay attention to such statements.

This is evidenced by the recent photos of the X8 crossover prototype, which will get non-standard two-tiered optics.

And, as it turned out, BMW will design the 7-Series sedan in a similar style after it changes generations.

BMW 7-Series 2023.

Published photos of Bavarian model show that it will be equipped with bunk optics.

Thin headlights, under which additional blocks with LED headlights are installed, can be seen through protective camouflage of the new 7-Series sedan.

A similar solution was previously seen on the X8.

Also in the published photos too low location of the license plate attracts attention: it almost touches the road surface.

BMW 7-Series 2023.

The radiator grille of the new sedan looks the same size as the current version of the 7-Series.

Handles on the side doors are flush with the body metal.

And at the stern, there is a new, elongated optics, which probably connects to each other with an LED stoplight.

In general, the new BMW 7-Series should keep its recognizable silhouette. But in details, the future sedan will be radically different from its predecessor.

BMW 7-Series 2023.

It is known that after the change of generations BMW 7-Series will still be based on CLAR platform, which engineers slightly modify.

Thanks to this «bogie» will be able to support not only standard combustion engines, but also hybrid units with electric motors.

It is known that the future BMW 7-Series will not have a 6.6-liter twin-turbocharged V12 engine.

BMW 7-Series 2023.

It, probably, will be replaced by a more compact, but not less powerful engine, which should be combined with an electric unit.

The interior of the future sedan will have a new touchscreen, which will be curved to the side of the driver’s seat.

The new BMW 7-Series should debut in 2023.

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