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BMW 7 Series G70 2023.

BMW 7 Series G70 2023.

BMW 7 Series G70 2023.

BMW 7-Series G70 2023, all the details about the new generation G70.

The Bavarian concern continues to prepare for the presentation of the BMW 7 Series G70 2023 model year, but still hides its cars under camouflage, giving reason for all kinds of speculation.

The current version of the «Seven» has been produced since 2015, but it has already undergone a serious facelift, so many observers associate a radical change of image with the new generation car.

However, the way the new flagship may look can be guessed from the available spy photos of heavily camouflaged cars.


Since the real fans of the German brand are interested not only in the next design extravagances specialists from Munich, but also any changes relating to the power part of the car, many were surprised to hear that the top-level modification of the BMW 7 Series 2023 G70 will be electric.

Indeed, the era of classic V8 and V12 engines is passing away, and to compensate owners of new «sevens» much needed sense of high dynamics of BMW cars, the manufacturer promised to introduce an electric installation of at least 650 hp, to which will add a capacity battery at 120 kW * h, and with it a solid autonomous mileage at 640 km.


The main intrigue of the new exterior of the Bavarian «Seven» of 2023 model year — is the design of the front end.

Even through the camouflage is clearly visible that the «nostrils» grille will not greatly increase and will not be stretched to the bottom edge of the front bumper, and here the optics is already located low enough, suggesting the appearance of a «double-deck» design.

BMW 7 Series G70 2023.

Probably «eyebrows» in the form of narrow strips of LED lights will appear above the new headlights, but even with them the front end will look appreciably elongated.

The stern leaves no less questions, at least, it clearly demonstrates strongly protruding massive bumper, which will place a platform for the license plate.

The optics here can get a form of a continuous horizontal stripe with expressive round LED-modules on both sides.


The interior of the BMW 7 Series 2023 version of the G70 is still a mystery, but it does not negate the possibility of still ongoing work on the new dashboard.

BMW 7 Series G70 2023.

Keeping in mind that the new flagship will turn out to be electric, we can quite expect a switch to touchscreen climate controls and the same «buttons» on the steering wheel.

Engineers will probably also have to increase the central touchscreen, which on the current version of the «Seven» is the same size as the virtual dashboard.

Technical specifications and stuffing

It has long been announced that the new BMW 7 Series 2023 will get almost a full range of varieties of modern powertrains.

The range will include gasoline, diesel, hybrid and electric units, and some innovative systems in the field of autonomous driving will complement them.

BMW 7 Series G70 2023.

The most expensive modification that uses eDrive architecture, will be all-wheel drive, ie with two electric motors, and it will be entrusted with the important mission to become a replacement for the V12 engine, which stopped to put on the «seven» from Fall 2020.

For reference, a version of the BMW M760Li with such a unit developed 612 horsepower and accelerates to 100 km / h in 3.7 seconds, but today this type of engine does not fully comply with European requirements for CO2 emissions.

BMW 7: when will it be available in Russia?

The new «seven» should be released in 2023. Meanwhile, in Russia, you can still buy a car of the current generation at a price of 6.6 million rubles.

It will be the base modification 730i with a 249 hp motor and rear drive. The maximum configuration — 585 hp M760Li xDrive — will cost 12,7 million rubles.

BMW 7 Series G70 2023.


The new Bavarian flagship will compete with the following premium models:

Mercedes S-Class 2022 (prices from: 11,120,000 rubles);
Kia K900 (prices from: 4,164,900 rubles);
Genesis G90 (prices from: 6,430,000 rubles);
Audi A8 (prices from: 7,740,000 rubles).

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