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BMW i5 2024.

BMW i5 2024.

BMW i5 2024.

This is the future replacement the 5-Series: The new BMW i5 2024 has been shown in a photo, without waiting for the market launch.

A test specimen of the new BMW i5 has been spotted entering a transport trailer.

The car is still wrapped in camouflage film. However, we can see some design details.

Reportedly, the model will be quite capable of competing with the Tesla Model S and Audi e-tron GT.

The Bavarian company is now working on updating the standard variation of the 5-Series, but at the same time there is a process of modernization of the electric car i5.

The concern is planning to reach a new level in the segment of premium electric models.

Recently the firm has presented i4 to the public, and in the near future is expected to premiere a large sedan i5.

During all this time, the model «flashed» in spy shots only twice.

BMW i5 2024.

New photos don’t show exterior of the car completely, but some details can be identified.

In the images we can see how i5 drives into a special trailer for transportation. Most likely, there are plans to send it to a specialized track for testing.

It also makes it clear that the car is now at one of the initial stages of development.

BMW i5 2024.

The company’s specialists did a good job with the camouflage. There is no camouflage only on the windshield and front windows.

To give car enthusiasts even less chance to see the design, some parts were replaced by temporary ones.

However, the dimensions can’t be hidden — the photo shows that the model will have a long body and a corresponding wheelbase.

BMW i5 2024.

You can also see the elegant lines through the film, emphasizing that the model is in the premium class.

There is information that the car will be presented in three versions: i530, i540 xDrive and i5 M50 xDrive.

BMW i5 2024.

So the car will be offered both with front-wheel drive and with two driving axles. The i5 M50 xDrive is the «charged» version with the best characteristics.

Recall, earlier it was reported that the top model will have a range of autonomy of more than 500 kilometers.

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