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BMW iX 2021.

BMW iX 2021.

BMW iX 2021.

BMW iX 2021: the forerunner of the branded electric range.
The Bavarian auto industry plans to launch the all-wheel drive branded electric car BMW iX 2021, which is a creatively modified restyling of the early X3 model.

The novelty has all the prerequisites for obtaining the status of the founder of a new model range.

The 2021 BMW iX series will be assembled in China, so the first batches will be adapted to the specifics of the Chinese domestic market.

The new model in a crossover configuration demonstrates a comfortable cabin interior, powerful functionality of technical equipment and electronics, batteries that provide an electric car with a range of up to 700 km.


The photo of the electric car in different projections shows the details of the business and sporty style typical for SUVs. From the front perspective, attention is drawn to:

• semicircular cutouts of the leading edge and wave profiles of the hood;

• enlarged format of decorative radiator cladding, supplemented by contour lighting and chrome-plated perimeter;

• polygonal configuration of blocks of frontal, LED or top-end matrix optics.

BMW iX 2021.

In the lower part of the massive front end, the crossover demonstrates a trapezoid of an additional air intake, a vertical arrangement of side diffusers equipped with fog lamps, a compact protective panel of an off-road plastic body kit.

A touch of aggression in the front end design is brought by the streamlined contours of the front fenders and elements of the aerodynamic stepped relief.

The electric car looks no less impressive and presentable from a side view. In stock:

• a sloping roof line decorated with decorative rails;

• contrasting combination of silver frame and glossy black pillars of side windows;

• stylish wedge-shaped mirrors and strict geometry of longitudinal body profiles.

The design features of the lower body segment include a protective sill strip, ribbed contours of volumetric wheel arches and an exclusive design of 19-inch titanium wheels.

The status of the off-road vehicle is confirmed by its high ground clearance, compact overhangs and the presence of a plastic «skirt» on the lower body perimeter.

BMW iX 2021.

The rear of the 2021 BMW iX is designed in classic crossover tradition. In the field of view — the sharpened edge of the spoiler lip and the semi-oval shape of the inclined window. In the tailgate layout — branding, ribbed reliefs and elongated sections of the lights.

The rear bumper is equipped with fog lamps and a plastic body kit equipped with compact protective panels. When viewed from the rear, the new body of the electric crossover is identified by silver nameplates, a decorative insert and the absence of exhaust pipes


The deep modernization of the car had a positive effect on updating the list of interior trim and decorative components.

Depending on the modification, the manufacturer offers a fabric, leather or leather interior, maximum or limited functionality of on-board options.

The top version differs from the basic configuration with a virtual instrument panel operating in several modes, the presence of additional command buttons located on the front plane of the hexagonal multifunction steering wheel, standard or premium equipment of the center console. As part of the tunnel:

• technical sector with transmission shift joystick;

• washers for activation and adjustment of onboard equipment;

• an extended list of organizers and a double-leaf armrest that combines the function of the refrigerator compartment cover.

According to experts, the characteristics of technical equipment and on-board electronics comply with the requirements of current standards. In particular, the company plans to install an autopilot, a powerful multimedia complex, electronic assistants and effective active safety systems.

BMW iX 2021.

Front, competently profiled and quite comfortable, crossover seats, with lateral support and several adjusting units, supplemented with heating and ventilation circuits.

The less perfect seating service of the spacious and comfortable three-seater sofa will offer a reclining backrest function, a folding soft armrest and a simplified transformation to increase the luggage compartment from 510 liters to 1560 liters.


The body dimensions are formatted in the ratios of 4734 x 1891 and 1668 mm typical for a crossover layout. The length of the wheelbase is 2864 mm, the ground clearance is 179 mm.

The chassis has an optimal weight balance, a running stabilizer, high-performance disc brakes and safety systems.

• In the basic front-wheel drive version, the engine with parameters 286 hp. 400 Nm is installed on the rear axle, the premium all-wheel drive version is twin-engine, with a total power of 500 hp.

• A modular lithium-ion battery with an energy capacity of 100 kW built into the passenger compartment floor provides the electric crossover with a range of up to 700 km.

BMW iX 2021.

• The advantages of the electric drive are reduced recharging time, stability of operating parameters and increased service life.

An independent test drive confirmed the time to reach the first hundred of 5 seconds and a top speed of over 180 km / h.

Options and prices

In the third quarter of next year, the new BMW iX 2021 model year will appear on the European market in modifications that are distinguished by the perfection of the interior, the energy intensity of the battery and the presence of all-wheel drive.

Identical to the cost of the Mercedes-Benz EQC, the price of an electric crossover in the basic version starts from 68 thousand euros.

Sales start in Russia

In the domestic market, the demand for electric vehicles is consistently low due to the lack of an extensive network of charging stations. Thus, the release date in Russia is still in the distant future.

Competing models

The Bavarian electric car has everything you need to successfully compete with analogues of the class Tesla Model 3, Audi e-Tron S, Lucid Air; Mazda MX-30 and Mercedes-Benz EQC.

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