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BMW M3 Touring 2023.

BMW M3 Touring 2023.

BMW M3 Touring 2023.

The all-new BMW M3 Touring 2023 wagon is revealed in official teasers. It is already ready for its debut.

This year BMW M-division celebrates 50 years, and therefore the company plans to present several high-performance novelties.

Among these novelties there will be BMW M2 of the new generation and two-seater M4 CSL, but the most attention will be attracted to BMW M3 Touring 2023, which is the first serial high-performance wagon, which will compete with AMG C63 Estate.

By the way, this car will be a serial continuation of the M3 E46 Touring concept presented more than two decades ago.

Today the manufacturer from Bavaria has published some fresh teaser images of the BMW M3 Touring, which show still disguised pre-production prototype.

The high-performance station wagon in these teasers is on a frozen lake in Sweden, where it is actually being tested shortly before its official debut, which will take place in the coming months.

BMW M3 Touring 2023.

By the way, this car is based on a facelift of the current model generation, which has brought a lot of interesting «plushies» in the cabin.

One of the most noticeable innovations will certainly be an updated infotainment system iDrive 8, which almost all new BMW models switch to.

BMW M3 Touring 2023.

Its feature is two linked digital displays, located on one level above the front panel.

In addition, the interior of the updated model will not have a standard gear lever, as rumors suggest that the car will be equipped exclusively with an automatic transmission.

BMW M3 Touring 2023.

In general, the interior of the station wagon will be similar to such models as: iX, i4 and minivan 2-series Active Tourer.

It is assumed that under the hood of the wagon will be installed inline six-cylinder gasoline engine, whose power is 503 hp and 650 N*m of torque.

BMW M3 Touring 2023.

Its performance should be about the same as the M4 Convertible because of the extra weight, compared to the M3 in sedan body.

Shortly after the debut of the BMW M3 Touring 2023, it should be joined by the updated high-performance M3 CS.

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