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BMW M4 2021.

BMW M4 2021.

BMW M4 2021.

BMW M4 2021: new premium coupe version.
More recently, BMW has unveiled the exterior and specifications of the redesigned 2021 BMW M4 in a classic coupe-like layout.

Judging by the photo, the new model, modified in many respects, includes the main elements of the corporate brand identity and new, previously unknown solutions in the body design.

In the new edition, the prestigious fourth-generation two-door coupe differs from its predecessor in a more aggressive and stylish design of the front end, bright chrome accents of the body decor, a modified interior in terms of increased comfort and a stiff sports suspension.


Despite the outward resemblance to the proprietary «troika», the novelty is easily identified by the aerodynamic diagonal reliefs of the inclined engine compartment cover, the original configuration of the running lights of the front LED optics. Attention is also drawn to:

• atypical for early models vertical arrangement decorated with coarse mesh and chrome-plated perimeter of the branded radiator cladding;

• ribbed aerodynamic profiles of side ventilation diffusers typical for sports cars;

• narrow plastic body kit shaded by a decorative overlay.

BMW M4 2021.

The designers managed not only to update the front end design, but also to significantly reduce the drag coefficient.

In a profile projection, the new body shows the layout of the sports car. Available — a gentle, dynamic slope of the high windshield and the rear of the domed roof, glossy plastic window frames with window sills rising to the rear pillars and a panoramic format of rectangular mirrors.

Also in sight are muscular sidewalls and stepped sill profiles, plastic L-shaped front diffusers, tall wheel arches and an exclusive 19-inch titanium rim pattern.

In the layout and design features of the aft body:

• typical for a coupe rear window tilt angle;

• supplemented with a decorative spoiler, brand logo and a platform for a registration plate, a compact luggage compartment lid;

• original configuration and graphics of modern lanterns.

The configuration of the bumper marked with a wave relief includes drop-shaped outlet diffusers and a plastic body kit complete with fog optics and sports exhaust pipes.

BMW M4 2021.

According to leading experts, the combination of an expressive sporty look and dynamic driving parameters of the power tandem will help push the future restyling of the coupe-like two-door BMW M4 2021 to a later date.


The design of the comfortable four-seater cabin is dominated by the high quality of components for the finishing and decorating assortment, excellent ergonomics of seats, advanced functionalities of technical and advanced electronic equipment in terms of improving service and road safety.

The front panel includes a basic analog or top-end digital instrument cluster and a media command tablet placed on top of the console.

• The dashboard also includes a horizontal block of a ventilation and heating deflector and two consoles with activation elements for numerous standard and additional options.

• The coupe of the new generation will receive additional functions of electronic assistants, which ensure driving safety in heavy traffic flows of large cities and on different running modes of highways.

• The complete set of the tunnel is typical for its class. In sight: a niche for small luggage, a technical sector with a compact transmission handle, a multimedia washer and several analog buttons.

• Built-in organizers complete the layout, including a volumetric refrigerating chamber hidden under a folding soft armrest.

The front seats showcase premium quality leather upholstery and elastic padding, the effectiveness of lateral support elements and a large number of service functions. An excellently profiled second-row two-seat sofa can accommodate two passengers with decent comfort.

BMW M4 2021.

For a car in a coupe, the volume of a 445-liter trunk is more than acceptable. The function of increasing the spaciousness due to the transformation of the sofa is still in question.


The new version of the BMW M4 model of 2021 with body dimensions of 4768 x 1852 and 1383 mm is based on the positively proven sedan platform from the third model.

With all the advantages of the wheelbase extended to 2810 mm, the ground clearance is only 145 mm.

The engine range is represented by two gasoline internal combustion engines and a non-alternative diesel engine.

The base model received a tandem of a two-liter engine with an output of 184 hp / 270 Nm — 249 hp / 350 Nm hp. In the top-end modification, the power of the three-liter power unit is increased to 326 hp. and 450 Nm of peak thrust.

The diesel analogue with a volume of 2 liters produces power up to 190 hp. and a torque of 400 Nm.

The test drive showed the acceleration dynamics specified for each configuration, the stability of the driving modes and the economical consumption of fuel and lubricants.

BMW M4 2021.

Options and prices

In Russia, the BMW M4 2021 is promised in seven modifications of different dynamics and comfort, and only with 8-band automatic transmissions. The preliminary price ranges from 2.5 to 2.8 million rubles.

Sales start in Russia

According to the latest forecasts, domestic motorists will be able to appreciate the advantages of the new product at the end of the year. The officially approved release date in Russia will be known closer to the middle of the fall season.

Competing models

Despite the premium status, the new BMW M4 2021 model year acquired real competitors even before it was released.

The approximate list includes Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Coupe, Audi RS5, Infiniti G (coupe), PORSCHE 911 CARRERA, Lexus RC F and their extreme modifications.

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