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BMW M4 CSL 2023.

BMW M4 CSL 2023.

BMW M4 CSL 2023.

BMW has put on its first public demonstration of the new 2022 M4 CSL sports coupe.

The new 2023 BMW M4 CSL showcases honed details at the Villa D’Este show.

BMW unveiled its 2023 M4 CSL this weekend at the prestigious Villa d’Este event in northern Italy, giving the car its first public showing since details were released online last week.

Guests at this show had the opportunity to take a close look at the details that can distinguish the CSL from the regular M4.

The model has new «BMW Laser» lighting technology that debuted in the CSL’s taillights, immediately followed by yellow daytime running lights.

But the red badge outline, duck-tailed rear spoiler and carbon fiber center console are all eye-catching.

The CSL is also available in black or white, but BMW decided to show an example in the same Frozen Grey color as the original press images.

Most of the changes are aimed at reducing curb weight by 100 kg, including the removal of rear seats, trunk trim and floor mats, and the use of carbon fiber for the hood and trunk.

The twin turbocharged 3.0-liter inline-six gives more power.

BMW M4 CSL 2023.

BMW claims the 1,625-pound CSL makes 543 km/h in 3.7 seconds. That makes it 0.2 seconds faster than the standard M4 Competition coupe.

The model gets sticky Michelin Cup 2R tires, which also play a key role in the CSL’s ability to run the Nürburgring North Loop in 7:20.2, a record for a BMW road car.

Today’s track-oriented rubber is much better than the Michelin Pilot Cup Sports of 20 years ago, which made the original M3 CSL scary to drive in heavy rain.

BMW will only produce 1,000 copies of the M4 CSL.

BMW M4 CSL 2023.

The BMW M4 CSL 2023 has been spotted many times in various tests and you can find enough pictures of the German coupe on the web.

Already in May the car will debut at the prestigious motor show.

More information about the design can be found in different pictures of the coupe, though there it is covered with camouflage.

The front end looks more aggressive thanks to a new grille and more air intakes.

Some aerodynamic details have been added, which also have a positive effect on the appearance.

BMW M4 CSL 2023.

On the side you can see new door sills. There is a spoiler on the stern, which comes out of the trunk. From below we can see two pairs of large exhaust pipes.

There’s very little data about the interior of the model, but one should definitely expect sports seats and the top-end technology stuffing.

According to rumors, under the hood of the new M4 CSL we’ll see an improved 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged inline six.

Its final power has grown from 503 to 550 horsepower. According to unofficial data, the engine will be paired only with an automatic transmission.

BMW M4 CSL 2023.

There is also another interesting news. The new M4 CSL has become more lightweight in comparison with the usual version.

Its mass has decreased by 100 kilograms due to removal of back seats and use of lighter materials. You can expect only rear-wheel drive.

There are rumors that this model will come out in a limited edition of about 1,000 units.

After this car we will see more powerful modification M4 CS, and then M3 CS sedan.

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