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BMW M4 GT3 2022.

BMW M4 GT3 2022.

BMW M4 GT3 2022.

BMW M4 GT3 2022. BMW M4 GT3 Coupe announced as more profitable for teams.

Compared to previous GT models, it promises “significant improvements” in handling and operating costs (lower life cycle costs, longer engine and transmission maintenance intervals).

These pluses are crowned with a new racing livery.

The Germans presented the BMW M4 GT3 model, ready for small-scale production, at the Nurburgring.

From 2022, the M4 GT3 will replace the well-deserved M6 GT3 coupe in various racing series around the world.

BMW M4 GT3 2022.

But the racing debut of the new «em-fourth» will take place already in 2021: on June 26, the car will enter the start of the fourth stage of the Nürburgring Endurance Series (NLS).

After that, there will be several final tests for fine-tuning before the delivery of commercial samples to customers begins.

The newcomer received an unusual steering wheel, created in cooperation with Fanatec.

It is interesting in that for the first time in the world it can be used without alteration both in a real racing car and in a racing simulator.

Many more adjustments can be made from the steering wheel than before.

BMW M4 GT3 2022.

The length, width, height and wheelbase of the racing coupe are 5020 mm (+226 mm to the road brother), 2040 (+153), 1308 (-85) and 2917 mm (+60 mm).

The M4 GT3 Coupé shares an affinity with the road-going M4 Competition, whose twin-turbo six 3.0 S58 was designed to create a racing variation.

Of course, a racing engine (index P58) has different lubrication, power, intake and exhaust systems. The unit is combined with a racing six-speed Xtrac gearbox and an electro-hydraulic clutch.

Recoil is regulated according to the rules of the competition, and the maximum here is 590 «horses». That’s ten more than the 4.4 twin-turbo eight on the M6 ​​GT3.

BMW M4 GT3 2022.

The new coupe costs 415,000 euros (37.17 million rubles), 4,000 euros cheaper than its predecessor, the BMW M6 GT3, according to the manufacturer.

BMW M4 GT3 2022.

Sedan BMW M4 GT3 successfully completed tests at the Nurburgring.

The BMW car brand has successfully completed a series of special test drives for the sporty GT3 version of the BMW M4 at the Nurburgring.

Testing on the toughest race track involves testing the strength of the components in the event of extreme loads and behavior while driving in certain series of turns.

BMW M4 GT3 2022.

BMW says the M4 GT3 race vehicle is well prepared for other race tracks.

The Nürburgring combines fast corners, significant ups and downs, and a number of other elements that are important for BMW M Motorsport engineers to carry out comprehensive vehicle testing.

BMW has planned further tests of the M4 GT3.

At the same time, the sports car should return to the Nurburgring at the beginning of June. Here the firm will unveil the BMW M4 GT3 for the first time before the 24-hour race.

Throughout the year, the sports modification will have the opportunity to participate in the first test runs in racing conditions such as the Nurburgring Endurance Series.

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