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BMW X1 2021.

BMW X1 2021.

BMW X1 2021.

The 2021 BMW X1: a cozy urban crossover for all occasions.
Bavarian automakers, wanting to stay on trend, continue to update most of their models. So, restyling also affected the smallest SUV from the entire BMW family.

The novelty has become significantly more impressive, more comfortable and has received more interesting engine compartment characteristics.

And a nice addition to all this will be the quite adequate cost of the BMW X1 2021. There is no doubt that this model will sell no worse than its predecessors.


One of the most interesting aspects of the new model is its appearance. She is very close in detail to the appearance of the «older» brothers — X3 and even X5.

And small dimensions only add sophistication and style to the «kid». Even from the photo, we can state that the car concentrates a lot of aggression, including due to the bright radiator grille, modern lighting technology and relief.

BMW X1 2021.

The most dramatic change comes from the 2021 BMW X1 at the front. And this time it has changed quite a lot, and the innovations can be found already in the upper part, where a sloping hood with an abundance of various reliefs flaunts under a large windshield.

Its central part is decorated with smoothly passing edges, which, closer to the edges, knock into chopped ones. They bring their eyes to the narrow narrow headlamps with xenon in the initial configuration and LEDs in the top-end.

A noticeably turned radiator grille in the form of two branded «nostrils» is adjacent to the optics. But the mesh covering these elements is still a few thin stripes painted, like the edging, with chrome paint.

The body kit also looks very aggressive. In addition to additional air intakes, the main of which has the shape of a trapezoid, and the side ones are located along the edges of the bumper and are covered with chrome grilles, here you can find foglights, as well as aerodynamic and protective elements with or without a metal finish.

BMW X1 2021.

The new body in profile began to look noticeably brighter and more futuristic. The traditional outlines of the window line have become a little larger and stricter, and also received chrome or black-gloss edging.

The rounded rear-view mirrors have slightly increased and received repeaters of turn signals. And the doors now boast both wavy and faceted relief, the lower part of which rests against the metal-plastic elements on the thresholds and arches slightly protruding from the body.

The feed makes a very pleasant impression. She has noticeably increased in size and now in her features you can see exactly a crossover, and not a hatchback, as it was before. At the junction with the roof, there is a massive, inclined visor with brake light repeaters.

A large window was located immediately below it, and even lower — a huge lighting equipment, as well as relief edges.

The body kit of the novelty turned out to be «inflated», and it is completely made of plastic. Additional details are modest foglights, a small black-gloss diffuser, and round exhaust pipes stretched along the edges of the bumper.


Despite the budget status attributed to the car, it grows with a solid design of the interior space. In particular, the new BMW X1 2021 model year will receive materials such as fabric, plastic, as well as leather and metal inserts in improved trim levels.

Each car will receive a decent entertainment system, as well as comfortable seats, which will make any trip easy and memorable.

BMW X1 2021.

Control and management bodies

The torpedo is pretty simple. Its main solutions are copied from the car of the previous generation, however, more and more high-quality materials are used in the decoration.

The console features a widescreen touchscreen display, slightly turned towards the driver for convenience. Around it there are deflectors, a couple of blocks with analog keys, as well as washers.

The tunnel looks even simpler. It starts with a key combination led by a gear selector, followed by a washer for adjusting entertainment options, as well as organizers covered with flaps. An armrest containing another glove compartment is also not bad here.

Registration of seats

The creation of German craftsmen will still be able to simultaneously accommodate five adults, and the seats will be trimmed in fabric or leather.

Each seat provides a fairly high level of comfort due to soft filling, comfortable shape and some additional options. Front passengers will receive good support from the sides, electrically adjustable headrests and heating.

The back sofa will have a massive armrest and pockets for things. Heating and reclining backrest are also available as options.


Both gasoline and diesel engines will be located under the hood of the BMW X1 2021. Among the first is the two-liter engine producing 230 «horses». In conjunction with it will go eight-speed «robot» and four-wheel drive.

BMW X1 2021.

The characteristics of diesel engines are more diverse: a 1.5-liter will show 116, and a two-liter will show the same 230 forces.

The buyer has the opportunity to choose either a six-speed mechanic or a seven-speed “robot”, and the drive can be either front or full. A hybrid version with 220 hp is also planned.

It is clear that with such indicators, the novelty will easily pick up speed and drive quickly, which is proved by the test drive.

Options and prices

As before, the Bavarian will be available in a large number of variations, and the price of the simplest one will be about 2.7 million rubles in terms of our money.

Competing models

In the class of compact crossovers, the car has quite a few rivals: Audi Q3, Mercedes GLA, Cadillac XT4, Land Rover Range Rover Ewok, Volvo XC 40 and Mini Cooper Countryman.

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