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BMW X1 2023.

BMW X1 2023.

BMW X1 2023.

BMW X1 2023. A render of a new generation of the BMW X1 crossover has appeared.

An independent artist presented his vision of what a completely new generation of the BMW X1 compact crossover could become. The novelty will receive a more «sharp» appearance.

While the current rendition of the BMW X1 crossover uses the codename F48, the all-new generation of the model will be internally designated U11 and will be available with three engine options.

Foreign journalists first spotted the X1 prototype last year. We now have more recent photos of the new product that give us a better idea of ​​what the new X1 will look like.

The renders posted at the top of the page should be pretty close to the production crossover design, although it looks like BMW could adopt the yellow daytime running lights from the Kia K5 and Telluride.

These DRLs should also appear on the redesigned Series 3. This new U11 generation X1 isn’t much different from the current version of the crossover, but the overall styling looks more rounded and cute.

The stock X1 shouldn’t be too different from the existing 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder under the hood.

This engine currently delivers 228 horsepower in the sDrive28i, but could get a slight boost in the next generation.

The X1 test mules seen in these latest spy shots do not have hybrid decals, which means it was the standard performance of a combustion-engined crossover.

BMW X1 2023.

A prototype BMW crossover with a plug-in hybrid variant of the smaller three-cylinder has also been spotted, although it is unclear if it will be sold in all markets or only in Europe.

Finally, the all-electric iX1 is expected to appear as BMW’s entry-level electric vehicle.

Thankfully, the X1 won’t get the massive grilles from the 4 Series, although it will have the new recessed door handles from the i4.

The official debut of the crossover will take place at the end of 2022.

Like the current X1, it will be based on the same platform as several Mini models, including the company’s future electric vehicles.

Not so long ago, our publication wrote that BMW will introduce a hybrid minivan with a capacity of 270 hp.

BMW X1 2023.

The new version of the BMW 2 Series Active Tourer Bavarian minivan is rumored to have a powerful plug-in hybrid powertrain. In addition, the car will boast a more aggressive appearance.

Versions of the BMW X1 crossover have already entered the lens of spy cameras. At first, it was a regular modification of the X1, which is slated for sales in 2023.

After that, literally last month, the all-electric iX1 was caught testing. And now the turn has come to a hybrid version of the cheapest cross from BMW.

The fact that this is a hybrid model is given by the obligatory stickers on the doors “Hybrid Test Vehicle” for such modifications.

Meanwhile, the Bavarian auto company has confirmed that production of the next-generation X1 gasoline, diesel and plug-in hybrid versions will begin in 2022. And only a year later, the assembly of the all-electric iX1 starts.

BMW X1 2023.

In new photos, seen in Europe, the third-generation BMW X1, as before, is completely covered in camouflage camouflage.

Therefore, it is not so easy to know for sure what the cross will look like. But one thing is for sure, the model will have a larger grille than the current version.

Most likely, it will not be as controversial as the one BMW is installing on the new 4-series family.

Since the radiator grill on the X1 does not go down that far, it can be assumed that it will be wider than on the current generation model.

Most of the model, even under camouflage, still does not look completely finished, so it is not possible to guess how, for example, the rear lights of a car will look at this stage.

BMW X1 2023.

But one thing is for sure, the new product, which is being developed under the code name U11, will be built on the same front-wheel drive platform as the MPV 2-series Active Tourer and, as already mentioned, several powertrain options will be offered — from internal combustion engines to completely electrical variations.

It is still unknown what the interior of the cheapest crossover from BMW will look like.

But it is said to have an ultra-minimalist curved digital dashboard and to maximize the use of eco-friendly materials in the trim.

The interior of the X1 is also expected to be similar to the Active Tourer 2-series.

We will keep an eye on the third generation BMW X1, as it is likely that this model will be in demand among buyers in the domestic automotive market.

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