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BMW X2 2021.

BMW X2 2021.

BMW X2 2021.

2021 BMW X2: a comfortable cross-coupe with premium performance.
The Bavarian auto industry, represented by BMW, is positioning the luxury compact crossover BMW X2 2021 as a car that combines the advantages of a coupe body with the operational reliability of proprietary developments of the X series.

The new model is focused on the interests and demands of young motorists who value comfort, premium driving performance and high road safety in their personal vehicles. The coupe-like layout of the crossover can provide a theoretical and practical basis for the creation of new premium models.


The asset of the new crossover is a practical business style, moderately diluted with elements of sports dynamics and aggressiveness typical for modern SUVs. In the photo, in the brightest and most expressive front view, the BMW X2 of 2021 model looks the most presentable. In the spotlight:

• stepped sidewall profiles of a wide bonnet with a rounded front edge;

• vertical slats of the branded «nostrils» of the radiator grille;

• drop-shaped contours of two-element blocks of LED frontal optics.

BMW X2 2021.

The layout and design features of the front end include classic round sidelights, a massive silver perimeter of the lower ventilation duct closed with a textured mesh, racing format of side diffusers.

A well-thought-out combination of decorative chrome and stepped details forms a positive perception of the front side of the body. Judging by the feedback from the participants in the presentation, the restyling of the crossover was recognized as successful by a majority of votes.

In the profile projection, the new body demonstrates the characteristic features of the corporate hatchback layout with the latest design solutions. At first glance, attention is drawn to:

• dynamic domed roof slope falling to the stern;

• window sills of three-section side glazing ascending to the rear pillars;

• stylish mirrors and wave horizontal body relief profiles.

BMW X2 2021.

The crossover style of the novelty has identified itself with the height of the window block and off-road clearance, the presence of protective plastic inserts in the square wheel arches and the design of two-tone 17- or 19-inch aluminum-composite wheels.

Similar design and layout solutions dominate the rear of the body. Available — a small semi-oval format, supplemented by a visor spoiler, a rear window, a tailgate decorated with brand symbols and chrome nameplates.

The aft design also boasts an exclusive configuration and premium lantern graphics.
The bumper has a niche for placing a license plate; The powerful figured body kit includes fog lamps, air diffusers and a large-caliber twin tailpipes.


The decoration of the comfortable five-seater interior of the premium crossover BMW X2 2021 is implemented in the traditional brand style, with the use of premium finishing and decorative materials.

The offered assortment includes genuine leather, elastic facing plastic and decorative accents made of polished aluminum.

BMW X2 2021.

• The design of the multifunction steering wheel with command buttons provides excellent visibility to the 12-inch digital instrument cluster display.

• The multi-story center console layout includes an 8-inch top-mounted media command tablet, air deflector assembly and controls with mechanical and touch-sensitive activators for component options.

• The premium configuration of the tunnel includes a block of ports for connecting digital peripherals, an expanded list of comfort-forming organizers, including a soft armrest and a spacious refrigerator compartment.

The service functionality of the carefully profiled and ergonomic first row seats offers lateral support, an extended range of adjustments, and heating and ventilation circuits.

The advantages of a spacious three-seater sofa are the backrest tilt and a folding armrest. Unfortunately, the high “crest” of the tunnel creates discomfort for the middle seat rider.

Due to the simplified transformation of the sofa, the internal volume of a 470-liter trunk with loading characteristics rated for its class can be increased to 1355 liters.


The length of the premium crossover is 4360 mm, the width and height are 1824 and 1526 mm, respectively.

BMW X2 2021.

Front- or top-end all-wheel drive chassis with a center distance of 2760 and a ground clearance of 182 mm is characterized by high road comfort of the combined rack-and-link suspension, effective operation of stabilizers, brakes and standard safety systems.

• The engine range is represented by two gasoline engines and one diesel drive with different boost rates. The basic version is a 1.5-liter «troika» with 140 hp. / 220 Nm, the top version will receive a more powerful engine: 2L / 190 HP / 280 Nm.

• The two-liter diesel of the B47 series is announced in two versions, with an output of 190 hp / 400 Nm and 231 hp / 450 Nm. Depending on the modification, the traction characteristics of the power units are compensated by a front-wheel drive 7-band «robot» or an 8-band hydromechanical automatic.

The test drive confirmed the high dynamics of the start, the speed parameters declared by the manufacturer with the economical consumption potential of the engines.

Options and prices

In the new generation BMW X2 2021 is promised in three modifications and four trim levels. The price of the model range in ruble currency will vary from 2.1 to 2.5 million.

Sales start in Russia

The first batches will be sent to the European and Asian markets, the release date in Russia will be announced a little later.

Competing models

The new BMW X2 2021 model year has everything you need to successfully compete with similar developments of leading car brands such as Audi Q3 Sportback, Mercedes-Benz GLA, Lexus RX-300, Volvo XC40, Mazda CX-4 or Jaguar E-Pace.

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