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BMW X4 2022.

BMW X4 2022.

BMW X4 2022.

The BMW X4 2022: an evolutionary version of the German crossover car.

The second-generation coupe-like crossover is equally adapted for the speed modes of modern highways, and it also shows the nominal off-road potential benefits of its class.

The design and layout of the new five-door harmoniously combines recognizable details of the corporate style, new design solutions in the interior and dynamic driving characteristics of the component engines.


The design of the new cross-coupe includes undeniable progress in body design, modernization of technical and electronic equipment, increasing road safety parameters.

The new model of the Bavarian car industry looks the most stylish and truly presentable on the photo in the frontal view. In the spotlight:

shaded by a narrow glossy contour format of the panoramic windshield;
wide hood decorated with the brand logo and longitudinal reliefs;
branded configuration of the two-section radiator grille with vertical lamellae;
aggressive squint of polygonal frontal blocks of xenon or more advanced LED optics.

BMW X4 2022.

In the structural and design features of the lower tier of the front — smiling, «smiley» configuration of the lower air intake and shaped «boomerangs» of the side ventilating diffusers of the front brake circuit.

Sports-racing entourage of the new cross-coupe is supplemented by a set of aerodynamic stepped reliefs.

In profile projection, the new body combines the advantages of an off-road crossover layout with a gentle roof slope. In the field of view:

The gentle slope of the extended engine compartment;
arched contours and black matte trim on the sectional side windows;
diminutive mirrors and high-mounted door handles.

The new model is further identified by the rounded contours of the square wheel arches, the presence of exit diffusers on the front fenders, and the design signature pattern of the 18-inch aluminum composite rims.

To a lesser extent, the restyling has affected the updated design of the stern.

In the rear view, the 2022 BMW X4 shows the recognizable combination of a sloping rear window, a spoiler protrusion and deep cross-sectional relief of the 525-liter trunk door, a three-dimensional version of the innovative graphics of the clearance and stoplight units.

BMW X4 2022.

In the configuration of the lower tier of the stern — relief, complex texture of the plastic dodger, complete with vertical plafonds fog lights, a platform for mounting the license plate and two racing tailpipes.

According to eyewitnesses, the eye-catching and presentable appearance of the new version of the cross-coupe mostly generates positive emotions.


The interior of the five-seat interior with minor changes copied from the branded model X3. The assets of the interior are:

premium quality of finish;
rich functional component;
forming comfort equipment, standard ergonomics and profiling of seats.

The upper, spoke-free steering wheel section provides a full view of the informative digital instrument panel.

The console, slightly turned towards the driver’s seat, includes a media and information display with touch-screen input and a remote control with mechanical activators for optional extras.

In the configuration of the low diminutive tunnel lever transmission, iDrive multimedia setup puck, premium list of organizers and combined with the armrest volume of the mini-cooler.

BMW X4 2022.

Future car owners will be pleased with the seating and road service of the seats.

Comfortable and maximally comfortable pilot seats are equipped with a wide range of adjustment mechanisms, heating and ventilation.

The rear sofa can accommodate three adult passengers without any problems. The high profile of the central tunnel may create a little discomfort for the middle seat passenger. Due to the simplified stacking of the sofa back, the standard volume of the luggage compartment can be increased from 525 to 1430 liters.


In the new interpretation, the external dimensions of the new BMW X4 2022 body are formatted in the ratios 4752 x 1918 and 1621 mm.

The increase in interaxle base of the all-wheel drive chassis to 2,864 mm had a positive effect on the layout of the interior volume.

Cross-coupe has kept perfected on a number of parameters modular platform CLAR with long stroke multilever suspension, two stroke stabilizers and disc brakes.

BMW X4 2022.

A set of electronic assistants is also responsible for driving safety at highway speeds.

The engine range includes 4 petrol and 3 diesel engines, with a working volume of 2 to 3 liters, power output from 184 to 326 hp and peak thrust of 290-680 Nm.

Test drive on all indicators confirmed the performance of the 8-band automatic transmission listed in the technical description.

Options and prices

Already at the first stage, foreign buyers will be offered a choice of seven modifications. The starting price in ruble equivalent will vary from 3.3 to 5 million.

Start of sales in Russia

In domestic showrooms, the new BMW X4 2022 model year will appear no earlier than the finish of the fall season.

The exact date of release in Russia will be announced additionally. Experts do not exclude that the range supplied for our market will be limited to three or four models.

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