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BMW X6 M 2022.

BMW X6 M 2022.

BMW X6 M 2022.

Lamborghini-style interior, sporty design and a 617 hp engine: the BMW X6 M with the Carlex Design improvement package has been announced.

The models of the German brand BMW are distinguished not only by a sporty performance style, but also by a comfortable interior, which offers a wide range of options.

Nevertheless, tuning masters do not leave them without attention. Thus, recently the BMW X6 M Competition with a new package of improvements from the company Carlex Design was presented.

The crossover has received modernization both in the exterior and interior. However, the technical characteristics of the BMW X6 M 2022 in this version remained the same.

Tuning workshop Carlex Design is known for its projects, where special emphasis is made on interior updates, but in the case of the model from BMW shown a little different improvement.

Of course, the interior of the crossover has undergone maximum updates, but there are changes in appearance.

BMW X6 M 2022.

Nevertheless, it is first necessary to consider the interior of the car. The first thing that immediately catches the eye is a stylish and unusual color, which usually uses the brand Lamborghini for its models.

We are talking about a bright orange shade. This range is used for the «torpedo», seats, steering wheel and transmission tunnel. The stylish blue color was chosen for the decor.

BMW X6 M 2022.

In addition, alcantara, carbon fiber and aluminum with plastic have been used for interior details.

In general, the interior looks as luxurious as in the standard version. As for the equipment of the crossover, the tuning masters have left everything in the previous version.

BMW X6 M 2022.

As mentioned above, the exterior of the BMW X6 M has also received upgrades.

Thus, the crossover received details made of carbon fiber. We are talking about the design of air intakes, grille and rear bumper.

BMW X6 M 2022.

In addition the car got new side skirts and a spoiler on the rear. The body is made in blue color, and the decor — in orange.

As for the technical equipment of the BMW X6 M, everything remains the same. Thus, under the hood of the crossover is an actual eight-cylinder V8 engine with a capacity of 4.4 liters.

Performance of the unit reaches 617 horsepower. The cost of the model has not yet been disclosed.

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